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    PrimeCuts - new lower priced options!

    So how edited are these ? I am with another popular service and to be honest sometimes the edits are not good enough for schools IMHO.
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    Should I take another crack at a wedding expo

    To be honest for me and this is my area and others will have different results. I only attend 1 show per year and there is 5-6 probably in a year in my area. I'm not in a super large market to be honest. I usually attend the Winter Bridal Show here which is at the end on January every year. It...
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    RV Nuccio and Associates Insurance

    I'm not sure why it took 2 months for them to pay you but that seems way too long. In this day and age claims can be handled within a week or two. I had a friend who totaled her car and not her fault. Her insurance company had her in a brand new vehicle by that evening. Wreck happened at 11 am...
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    RV Nuccio and Associates Insurance

    Well someone finally called me back. I guess apparently the rep I was assigned to has been out of the office for several days. So I had another rep contact me and help me out. Hopefully things go better from here on out. So far so good and hopefully it won't happen again in the future if I ever...
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    RV Nuccio and Associates Insurance

    If you have insurance with them , good luck actually getting a hold of someone or getting a call back. I have been trying for 3 days now , left multiple messages , called multiple times and it's like no one works there. I have insurance with them and have been trying to get a hold of them with...
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    anyone heard this yet?

    I had lots of good luck over the years but I will not longer support Mackie. They are great till you need a repair then you'll find out how painful it is to get a hold of tech support and get your item repaired and it may take 2-3 months to get a repair done. That's the situation I am in now. If...
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    When do you get paid?

    I tried 7 days in advance and felt it hurt my bookings. I tried it for 5 client meetings and only got 1 to book with 7 day advanced payment. I never heard back from the other 4 and I know 2 of them booked with another company which has a much higher retainer fee than me and they want half down...
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    Too Blunt???

    If the first words out of their mouth is "how much are you" then they probably are not the type of client you are looking for in the end. They are most likely looking for a bargain DJ , rather than getting a quality DJ for a reasonable price. I understand people want to get the most for their...
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    RIP: Mindy McCready

    You can't help people who don't want to be helped. We will never know the real reason but I'm guessing the recent suicide of her former BF may have drove her over the edge more than anything. People who have serious drug addictions usually end up killing themselves and it's not always...
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    Superbowl Blackout

    I don't buy the whole momentum thing. Both Teams has the same amount of downtime. Yes , the Ravens were hot atm and honestly I was about to turn off the game if it was going to be a blowout cause I can always watch all the commercials the next day on the internet. I was about to fall asleep the...
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    Your contract examples in regards to taking photos at weddings & events

    I use something very close to this. Most Bride and Grooms have no problem with it and they thank me for asking. Now when it comes to schools that is a different story. I have been shut-down many times this year at school events. I didn't used to have a problem with it but with privacy laws and...
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    Mackie You Lost Me as a Customer

    Well I only been a member here about 6 months so I missed 7.5 years worth of those post :D I honestly have never had a problem till now. I learned a hard lesson and those who warned me you were right * eating humble pie* . Now the seed of doubt is firmly planted in my mind about mackie and I'll...
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    Mackie You Lost Me as a Customer

    It blows it out of the water hands down. I can walk 150 + feet away and still feel the kick of the bass all around the room with the KW181 and I can't say that with the Mackie. I have noticed it just seems to fill the room up evenly. I only have 1 KW181 right now , but I'm guessing 2 would be...
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    Mackie You Lost Me as a Customer

    I'm sure many of you know I bought a Mackie 1801HD sub back in Aug 2012 and it lasted only till January 2013 before it went Kaput!! I took the Sub to a authorized repair center which is roughly 100 miles round trip for me , so 50 miles each way. It has been in the shop for 2 weeks now. I get a...
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    So what brand of cables do you guys use ?

    Which is why I think this last batch of Whirlwinds were not made in the US. I have used Whirlwinds for years and had some great success. Yes , I seen those on Ebay also and I'm considering ordering a small batch of them to test them out.