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    A little sad right now......

    Nancy, I feel your pain. EVERYBODY in my circle knows that I'm a DJ/MC. EVERYBODY knows that I do weddings. But I can't tell you how many times someone from my own inner circle will tell me that they are going to be in so & so's wedding this weekend. Really? You're the Best Man or Maid of...
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    Mobile Beat article on Wedding order of events

    Hey everyone, A few years back, Mobile Beat did a huge article that pretty much laid out the order of events at a wedding. Does anyone know how to find that article, or does anyone have it in electronic format that can send it to me? Thanks!
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    OT: How to

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    Incorporating your business

    Steve, From what I'm reading, the S corp requires you to have shareholders and board meetings and such. Who do you have as shareholders and board members?
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    Hard echo in large, high ceilinged rooms

    Thanks everyone for your input. I'm thinking of trying the multiple speaker route. I just worry about the miles of speaker cable I'm going to need. I think I may be able to grab a couple of speakers from another friend of mine here locally. I don't think Chuck would let me near his speakers...
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    Hard echo in large, high ceilinged rooms

    Hey guys, I have a gig coming up where I'll be playing in a room that has high ceilings and flat, featureless walls. It is about the size of a gymnasium. I'm going to be playing music and doing announcements as they have a bridal fashion show. How can I avoid the hard echoes while making...
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    A lackluster reception IMHO, how could I have done things better?

    Charles, Thank you so much for posting this. Thanks also to everyone that has contributed. There were many good posts, and I learned a lot, both by reading the initial post and all the responses. Now, it looks like we've come back around to helping each other grow in the profession through...
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    I think its a great idea, depending on your crowd. You've been doing it for years, just maybe not as a specific practice (if that makes sense). I would think a short comedy monologue (sp) right before introductions would go great at a wedding to warm up the crowd, or during dinner at a...
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    Keep Quiet Kid

    Rotflmfao!!! Awesome!
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    Fo' sho'!
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    Byron Welcomes a Baby Boy!

    Way to go Byron! Congrats!
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    US DOT audit

    Holy CRAP! There's something probably a lot of us have never considered! I'm glad to hear you guys didn't get any fines. Thanks for the heads up!
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    5 hours of 14YO "clean" music

    Hi Lincoln! You didn’t indicate what kind of modern music, so I’m just going to give you a list of what’s popular regardless of genre. This comes straight from the fertile mind of my teenaged daughter. It has been my experience that oldies are enjoyed by any party, regardless of age group, so...
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    Happy Birthday Waasta

    Sorry, I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday Byron! I hope you had a great time!
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    Black Friday...Whaddya Looking To Score?

    I'd like to score a killer deal on a tablet. I missed the HP Touchpad firesale, so I'm hoping for some find an awesome deal to make up (or at least come close) to what I missed.