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    Anyone in Vegas tonight for the show doing anything?

    Anyone in Vegas tonight for the convention doing anything? I'm going to be in town tonight and don't have any plans. I would love to meet up with some fellow djs as I don't know anyone going. See you at the convention! John
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    Question for ZXA-1 owners/users .....

    I definitely like that idea! I might just get some to keep in the shop for when I might think of a cool use for it!
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    Site loaded strangely

    Definitely don't mind the ads, sometimes I find out about new stuff or one will remind me I want to know more about something they offer. And I click on them to support the site :)
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    Lightshop Essentials at MBLV18 with Jason Weldon?

    Absolutely! I'll be happy to chat!
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    Lightshop Essentials at MBLV18 with Jason Weldon?

    Cool, thank you Mark! I didn't see those MB videos about the conference. A recommendation from you means a lot. Still not sure if I need to spend that much yet when there are going to be other seminars on lighting too. But I will be there anyway.... Hmmm... I got some thinking to do...
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    Lightshop Essentials at MBLV18 with Jason Weldon?

    Anyone been to Lightshop Essentials or heard of Jason Weldon?
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    Anyone using a video only music library?

    Thanks for the thoughts guys! I don't mind the work involved really. Figured it would be cool to have my main library be videos on my laptop with my old hard drive of MP3's available for deeper requests. Looks like there is no really clear winner on music video service in my research. I'd...
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    Lightshop Essentials at MBLV18 with Jason Weldon?

    Couldn't find any mention of this on the forum. Anyone taken this Synergetic Light Shop, Fundamentals of Lighting workshop before? I know enough about lighting and DMX to get in trouble and have some experience with DMX and lighting and am pretty good at that kinda stuff. Is it worth it at...
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    Projector Stand/Adaptor

    Glad that's what you were looking for Ernest. I'm sure Jim is taking good care of you, I'm lucky to have his company in my town :) Show us when you get your mount!
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    Anyone interested in sharing a hotel room?

    If you want to share a room, save a little money and make a new friend, I'm interested in sharing a hotel room. I don't have a room yet and will wait a day or two to see if anyone wants to share theirs to save a little money (Hey, more to spend on toys on the trade show floor right?!) I'd...
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    Projector Stand/Adaptor

    Check out Colorado Sound and Light, they make a projector case that mounts to a tripod stand. Just put on the stand, unlatch and pop off the lid and the projector is ready to go and always protected. Covered in nice black carpet so it looks good and blends in.
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    New Vehicle Time - Need Some Ideas

    Gregoree, There are a few points I'd like to make: First off, I posted on UNDJ's thread and am posting on this site as a conscious effort to be a part of improving the DJ community/profession/public image as a whole, myself included. So your private message "Please explain how the Nissan is...
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    Anyone using a video only music library?

    I met a dj a few years ago that used a primarily only music video library. Save for songs that didnt have videos. That way he could play a video event and not have any change or concern for not having a song. He said this approach worked for most events but he still did have his old mp3 hard...
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    Graphic Designers

    Thanks for letting us know that analogy! I'd thought about going that route a time or two. What are your thoughts on going to a graphic design school and hiring an student or having a teacher use it as a class project?
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    Employee Pay

    Noticed no body replied to this... When me and my DJ buddies roadie/assist/run lighting for each other, we usually go with $100. If its running a second sound system too (for ceremony or cocktails and setting up and everything) maybe a $150. So thats if we have a fully capable dj assisting us...