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    Dmx / Strip Lighting Question

    So I bought these RGB LED tubes at lowes. The small controller will change the colors to rotate thru them all. I am interested in converting these to DMX control. It has a plug with 4 wires going into it. Could I use something...
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    Las Vegas DJs?

    Thanks BB - Looking for someone local. Flying someone in was not the type of investment I was looking to make for a 3 hour cocktail party on a Monday night.
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    Las Vegas DJs?

    Folks - My company is having an event in a penthouse suite at the Hard Rock on Monday May 12th from 8 to 11. I am looking for someone that could could provide some sound/background music. Thanks!
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    Extending Shure 1/4 Wave Antennas?

    Looks like we may have a winner... First event without drop outs. Thanks Bill!
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    Extending Shure 1/4 Wave Antennas?

    I have 4 Shure BLX4R mics in a thick undercounter metal rack. Because of the placement and the lack of line of sight, I am having some pretty big issues with mic dropouts. They dont make a sharkfin for 1/4 wave and I would like to extend mount them up in the air. Do you see a problem with...
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    I-Beam Light Mounting?

    I have some load bearing I-beams in a cafe area and want to mount a few LED par cans and such. Less than 100 pounds of fixtures total. Don't want to have trussing rigged up or drill into the metal. What kind of clamp could I use to mount directly on the I-Beam without any drilling and still be...
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    You definitely weren't hacked Hey Bill... You definitely weren't hacked. It was me that started it all. I do email marketing for a living, so I want to break it down for you as someone really messed up on your side. I guess you had my email on file as I had reached out to you back in '05 or...
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    Las Vegas Sucks

    Teamsters + ASCAP =
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    ASCAP and Karaoke

    F@&k ASCAP...
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    End of the Playboy Club Era...

    Word on the street is that the club is moving... The Palms doesnt have the same vibe with the exit of the Maloof brothers...
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    The Wrecking Crew At MBLV16...

    I would love to host one of those screenings in the Baltimore area...
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    Best Subwoofer Pole?

    What is the best quality subwoofer pole to fit between my jbl eon speaker and sub? Must be adjustable. Must fit snug in the cup. Ultimate has been toting some products for the last 18 months that have never seen the light of day. Thanks!
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    NLFX Pro now carries the Chauvet MotionFaçade, MotionDrape, & SparkleDrape!!

    So this would attach to my NS7's flight case, right? And not matter on whether I used a folding keyboard stand or foldout DJ stand below? Does it use some type of Velcro?
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    NLFX Pro now carries the Chauvet MotionFaçade, MotionDrape, & SparkleDrape!!

    Any reviews on these yet? What type of stand does the facade fit? Thanks-
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    RIP CD's

    I just moved about 6,000 CD's from my house to my storage unit. Havent opened the cases in years. At this point, if I need it, its easier to go to somewhere like Amazon and buy it versus taking the time to rip, tag, organize, etc... I got rid of my vinyl around 2001. Thousands of records...