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    Beta Testers Wanted

    Spell check is your friend.
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    Save your money... Cross DJ 3.0

    Exactly... I should have known. It looked promising from the demo.
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    Save your money... Cross DJ 3.0

    I recently purchased Cross DJ 3.0 hoping that it would be an adequate comparison to VDJ. Boy was I disappointed! First of all, the software was rather inexpensive. At $49 for the regular version and a $29 upgrade to video, I thought that it may be a bargain. I installed the software and...
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    Gobo Projectors?

    Video projector is the most cost effective and best looking.
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    HK Audio - Elements System - Review

    See my attached review of the HK Audio Elements System
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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    I am going to call in today and record what they say to me and post it here... I know you guys don't believe me... just wait!
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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    Show me where this is available... and I will buy one. No reply from Silvio (from Denon)... just as I thought. Denon has an issue with this and treat customers TERRIBLE when they try to get help on this issue. This may be the last Denon I buy.
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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    I contacted Denon support the other day to ask them about my right player button on my DN-MC6000 sticking. Sometimes it does nothing. Sometimes it plays a milli-second of the track... You know what they told me... For $400, we can put a new board in it for you! The more I investigate...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for August 2013

    Complete Dynacord System for sale... Complete Dynacord System for sale. This system cost $9200 originally! 4 - D8 (Tops) 2 - Powersub 312 (Subs) - You will get 3 of them but one is for parts... not working. 1 - Sub 112 (Passive Sub) Besides the speakers, I have heavy duty custom covers...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for August 2013

    Bose - L1, Model 2 with B2 Bass Module (Two Systems Available) Bose - L1, Model 2 with B2 Bass Module $2300. Excellent Condition Pickup from my home near Pittsburgh or pay shipping (If you can buy it less elsewhere, please do)
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    Wow... this board is dead!

    Must be that everyone is on the facebook rooms. Every time I check in, there are fewer and fewer posts... Sign of the times, I guess.
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    Comparing Chauvets

    The biggest difference is that the Freedom Par has wireless built into the fixture. That is a huge plus for me. In fact, just purchased some from
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for March 2013

    Uplighting for sale...! 6 - Blizzard RGBA's for sale. $600 for all of them and shipping is only $15. These are in perfect condition and I can take visa or mastercard if you prefer. Text me if interested 724-777-2270 or email
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for February 2013

    13" Macbook Pro $850 shipped anywhere in the US Mid-2010, Unibody 2.4 Ghz, Core 2 Duo Processor 8 Gigs Ram 500 Gig HD 256 Video Ram EXCELLENT Condition! email me or text me if interested. I am not on here to check pm's very often scott at or 724-seven seven seven-2270
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for December 2012

    QSC Kw181 $1000. Pittsburgh area. Text me if interested - 724 - seven seven seven -2270