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    Qsc Gx5

    good amp, used one on atleast 30-40 gigs....pushing some tops its good...simple and no frills, although it has built in crossover which lends itself a little bit of flexibility if you have a small sub
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    Sub decision

    I would use and xti-4000 in stereo; which will give you 1200 watts a side 600 per speaker.... those Peaveys not being top of line model will bottom out with too much. I use to dj with someone that had them! 600 will work for em and only thing you can do is add more!
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    Unhappy with QSC GX5

    I'm late joining discussion; I started out with a gx-5 owned for 8months, no problems. I ran jbl tops in full-range and a harbinger sub wide open with no problems. Unit wasn't in amp rack and had been dropped several times. I think it does exactly what it advertises, just a simple amp not...
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    Crown XTI or QSC PLX?

    I would get the xti-4000; it has all the features you could want with Band Manager, and the flexiblity. You can get a price match from 800 bucks. My recomendation!
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    Public perception of DJs that use computers

    As many have said its presentation; I am 22 so the younger generation really would feel that a dj is not necessary if you have the same Dell Laptop running vdj or something else with no racks or specialized equipment. An older crowd in my opinion just wants to here good music. But most folks...
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    Stanky Leg

    Call it music or not music; but its what's hot! lol and in Arkansas it has been out for a long time (early fall) i.e September; the group is from Dallas, but not to far in pipeline behind this song is "Rickey Bobby" another dance track...its on radio..wait few weeks and you'll have same convo...
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    Dual Sub w. crown xti-4000

    thanks for input
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    Dual Sub w. crown xti-4000

    My sub will be here Thursday; I have a small event and will listen to the sub both bridged (2400 w)and operating off one channel stereo (1200w) I will post to the board with my findings; I"m not a sound expert but i'm not a novice to this stuff; so I will give best review I can!
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    Dual Sub w. crown xti-4000

    Thats kinda what i was thinking one double 18 inch sub per xti; I look at numbers pretty good and wasn't sure since it does put out 12000w at 4ohm if i could have a dual mrx 528 which is rated at 1000w @ 4ohm; would I be able to run 2 on the amp with suffiecient headroom; Thanks for the input
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    Dual Sub w. crown xti-4000

    I got a crown xti-4000 to run my subs; I currently own to harbinger subs 18inch 400 rms; but i'm prolly gonna get rid of them and I want a dual sub maybe eventually two to really have that boom in my system; I currently use jbl tops pushed bye qsc amp looking at JBL MRX 528 Peavey sp...
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    Just 2 Line Dances

    Cant forget: sorry thas 4 Chinese Checkers - DJ Master Lee fet Lois Lane Mississpi Slide - DJ Master Lee R.Kelly - Step In Name Of Love R.Kelly - Happy People
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    Top 5 Dance floor fillers

    Juvenile - Back dat Thang Up Commodores-Brick House E.U - Doin da Butt Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It Uncle Luke - Hydrauliks
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    Slow school dance songs?

    Chris Brown "Take You Down" is a favorite and its not a nasty 1...u always got classics like Boys to Men "End of the Road"
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    Ike affecting you?

    Affected me, was suppose 2 dj a tailgate party for a football game :(; rain trenched here in Arkansas
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    Cleveland Shuffle

    Yea the Cleveland Shuffle is a favorite; tricky dance though...have too work your crowd and find the real dance-halocis and let them showcase the moves