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    Windows 8 to Windows 7?

    WOW, haven't been on this board for quite some time and you guys are talking computers instead of DJ'ing. I eat/drink/sleep computers as my other job is with a company with three letters who's nickname rhymes with BIG YOU. Bill, good to "see" you. I agree that MS got it wrong with 8, I have...
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    Donna Summer

    The news just broke here too. Another terrible loss of a talented performer. RIP.
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    numark mixer problem! please help!

    I'm curious why you are using XLR to RCA cables for your master output. This effectively makes the balanced input to your speakers unbalanced which increases your chance of having ground loops which will create the problem you're describing. Have you tried using straight XLR cables from the...
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    Looking for a 2-way crossover with subwoofer output

    I've been using a SAC-22 for years and never had a problem. I find it very unusual that you've been through two Rane's in a period of months, could there be something else in your signal chain that's taking them out?
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    Numark CDN-88 Parts

    Contact Numark directly at 401-658-3131. They will provide part numbers and cost and you can place your order right over the phone. I just ordered a pair of transports for my CDN-34s and had them in two days.
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    ADJA insurance vs. NAME insurance...why the cost difference.

    Does having GEICO make me any less of a caveman? :twisted:
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    Cord Box?

    I use Contico lockers for both my cables and my lighting. They are light, durable, stackable and have rollers. You can usually find them at K-Mart and Wallyworld for around $25.
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    Who sells Numark?

    What does this have to do with Numark?
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    IMUS FIRED....

    Sadly, I just heard that Don Ho passed away. :( OMG, I just said "Ho".
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    Don Ho Passes....

    He will be missed, how could we ever get through a luau with him. The Big Band in the sky has another new voice tonight. RIP.
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    The Rock

    I've received a few emails with links to that picture, it is a remarkable tribute. Let's hope it stays intact for awhile.
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    DYNGUS DAY - Monday !!!

    Geez...I thought you were referring to Don Imus! :evil:
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    the difference between winning and being a runner up is huge

    Re: the difference between winning and being a runner up is I'd be interested in hearing how Justin ended up at the wedding, was he a relative? Also,was just happy that you finally got the spelling of his name right. :wink: Some other bits of of Delaware Valley trivia....Justin worked...
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    DAMN SNOW! (DANG all yall uppidy types)

    Well, at least y'all still have your sense of humor and your internet connections. Good luck diggin' out.
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    Wish me luck

    Bill, You Da Man. BTW, is that YOUR new dock? :wink: