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    Now a Dj

    Now a Dj
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    US DOT audit

    wow and I thought Australia had crazy Laws
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    Are You On Twitter?

    I am there BUT!! I at times dont login have a nice day ps should be this as well but it wont work :(
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    Plainfield CT DJ arrested for child porn, sex assault

    Keep spare bullets handy incase needed
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    Tried Windows 8...Are they $#!++!ng me????

    I didnt bother with it - as I told the local Microcrap Rep here where I live have already replaced win8 with win7 on 35 systems so far (since it came out) I get so many complaints about it I warn people before they buy win8 its basicly made for TABLETS and not Home pcs and Home Laptops that do...
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    Everything on this board is SLOW

    try using firefox or google chrome your not limited to just IE8 or IE9
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    Bad Check- Received

    I normally remind them I have people that come visit you if there is a problem with payments here is a example
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    The New Fatmobile

    So Tom you buying for all are ya :)
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    Your Weekly Bar Show

    well underpaid!
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    ok Kevin enough is enough so tell us what was said and who said it!!!
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    Current Hits Songlist Printout

    Thanks Jim for the pdf file of hits :)
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    Do you twitter?

    thats where you guys dont look at your own website why allow twitter to get the high rankings when you can also have high ranking..... or standard webpage with index! now why hasnt anyone else used thier...
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    Something to remember when your PC freezes

    lol that would scare any IT Guy to hell!!
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    Scam Alert

    I would tell them to send the full amount if they send more than that - then email them back saying that because its not policy to forward money to anyone else as your bank manager does not allow it (wife said no even) this way you can still have some control if its a scam you can always...
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    New Laptop review (8 Core i7)!!!!!

    watch out more is on the way windows 8 is already in beta!!