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    The BOUNCING pages

    And I thought it was just me
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    A problem with LED traffic lights

    Interesting- I never would have thought of that- If the traffic lights in my town get covered with ice & snow, there'd be more serious issues to deal with than just accidents.
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    Best Christman decorations ever

    Same here- but I still think it's hilarious The peeing Santa is a close second
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    Tiger Woods "seriously injured" in single car accident

    Exactly- He leaves his house in a hurry at 2 AM to go nowhere in particular; no alcohol; and wifey breaks both rear windows with a gold club. He has scratches on his face that weren't caused by the accident (the air bag didn't even deploy), and Tiger won't talk to the media or the Fla Highway...
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    Happy Birthday Joe Martin!!

    Happy Birthday Joe I couldn't have said it any better myself
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    The Top 5 States for DJs and Warmth!

    Fla has nice weather but is so incredibly over-saturated with DJs. However, there is work available if you like doing $250 weddings.
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    Prof.Jam not printing?

    What's wrong with Daniel?
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    Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday Ken He's only 46??? He looks as old as me
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    ProDJ Hall of Fame

    Actually a DJ movie was produced around 03 or 04. The lead actor, Thomas Ian Nicholas, was @ the Tropicana and previewed the movie @ MBLV. Personally I thought the movie was a spoof movie a la' Scary Movie or Meet the Spartans and was funny; but I heard a lot of negativity from others...
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    MBLV2010- who's going

    I've already bought my showpass when it was on sale for $99 but like some of the others will have to wait and see how the Holidaze shape up before I make a decision about purchasing plane fare & a room.
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    Give me your opinion on this survey

    Besides, 1 of them is a real PITA to work. I don't miss it a bit
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    Give me your opinion on this survey

    You're right on target with the 'connection' so replacing the other company would be real hard for a single-op to accomplish (especially at wedding mills). You educate brides when you can, but some brides don't want to be educated. Remember the 'my mind is made up so don't confuse me with the...
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    Cookie Table

    I've never heard of cookie tables either, but am starting to see candy bars and cupcakes more often. I want to hang out with Ken
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    Give me your opinion on this survey

    I did a homecoming dance in a school gym where the floor was bouncing so much my CDs were skipping, so it does occasionally happen, even with good equipment. You've worked down here before!! 2 friends and myself were on a big pink venues preferred vendors list for years (same scenario...
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    OT-Big Freakin Zit!

    It is called a sebacous cyst. What happens is- something gets under your skin (possibly from a hair follicle) and becomes infected. Your body, in a protective effort, forms a small sac around the infection, think of a small leather change purse with drawstrings. As the body fights the infection...