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    How Many Years Have You Been A Pro DJ?

    20 years and retiring from deejaying this year.
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    Quick question about Hard drives

    I keep my videos on the internal hard drive and my music on an external hard drive. The only reason I do this is space, The internal HD is not large enough for all my videos and music.
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    Jack Is Back! 24 returns 5-5-14 on Fox

    can't wait I'm, a 24aholic. I own every season on DVD
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    (Sound only) Apple Veris Windows

    I don't think its Apple vs Windows. I think it's more of what they are using for sound cards. Use the same sound card of them and I doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference.
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    HELP: What would you use to edit 2 songs together?

    Jodi, I just listened to the mix you found on Sound cloud, I would say it's a little more than just a little off, I would consider it a train wreck. Just my opinion though.
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    Tips for a better first dance

    I have actually done both #1 and #2 with past B&G's.
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    Higher Ed

    Bachelors: Civil Engineering
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    Recent Karaoke music help

    Bill are the Karaoke discs from Walmart good quality?
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    Recent Karaoke music help

    Jeff, I have to laugh, because I was just going to post the same thing. I haven't done any Karaoke in the past couple years so stopped keeping it up to date. I was also wondering what/who everyone uses to buy their Karaoke from and what would be the best way to update the past couple years. Lloyd
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    Fish songs?

    Brad Paisley I'm gonna miss her (the fishing song)
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    Class of 83 reunion.... Inno Spot LEDs in use!

    Thanks Arnoldo. Looks like a pretty good playlist
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    Class of 83 reunion.... Inno Spot LEDs in use!

    Arnoldo, Any chance of seeing the playlist?
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    take out vocals

    audacity and Sound Forge are two programs that can sort of do it. I haven't had luck removing all vocals completely without hurting the overall sound quality of the song, but then again I never spent more than a few minutes trying. Maybe someone else had had some luck and can chime in.
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    Bad things from MY past? Not possible ...

    after seeing it, I have to ask...are you single?? LOL
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    Your take home ?

    well since my mortgage is almost 2K, I need to take home at least 2K a month, that doesn't include the rest of my bills, plus putting back into the business, so I guess I need to take home at least 4K per month.