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    What Happened

    hey its been a while since I last logged into the forums what happened to all the different threads like games, wedding dj, school dj etc are they still here or completely gone? thank in advanced for the help Dj Vecchio
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    windows 8 op system

    hey steve thanks for your input My only concern was that some of the comment people have left about windows 8 was mostly negative that's why I was asking. If I might inquire, would you mind telling me what computer you are using? ( name brand) along with some specs? such as cpu, and memory...
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    windows 8 op system

    Hello every1 I hope I am in the right section for this question. I am looking to buy another computer but they all seem to come with windows 8 I have heard bad things about the new op system is any 1 using win 8 and what are your thought about it thanks DJ Vecchio
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    peak or continuous?

    well these answers anr not helping... srry guys but as u stated "these specs are pretty much meaningless and they do not provide and qualifiers as to how they were obtained." then why do they always put them under specs on a speaker cabinet without other important info? i guess what i am...
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    peak or continuous?

    hello every 1 I am in need of some clarification. I read specs on speakers and always see something like 500 watts peak and 3000 continuous. what does this mean? I would appreciate any help here is the exact line on a speaker i came across "Powered 18" Portable Subwoofer system includes a...
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    Multiple Computers or a Mp3/cd player???

    hello every 1 i have a computer i use for gigs and it works great but i really dont have a back up for it yet :( i know very bad idea so i was debating on another computer or a new MP3 / dual CD player seeing how i carry my cds with me just in case the computer fails cannot seem to find a CD...
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    Need Business cards printed... need help

    Hey every 1 thank you for your input i really appreciate it i will look into the website that u mentioned and yes i too prefer the offset 4 color press over a high end color printer DJ Vecchio
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    Promoting a school dance...

    Hey does any 1 here promote the school dances that they booke with say a post card or flyer? I have a lead on a dance and they asked if we can help promote the dance with like a rave style card. sorry to say i havent ssen any in a long time nor do i know where to get any printed thanks for...
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    Need Business cards printed... need help

    Hey guys I am in need of getting some cards printed up (4color) with so many places online not sure who to use do any of you have any suggestions? thank you
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    DJ Trivia... ever hear of it

    Hey every 1 I came across this event called DJ trivia I was wondering if any 1 has heard of it or even seen it. I went to a restaurant and had a fun time I wanted to look into doing this myself but cannot seem to be able to contact the people who came up with this trivia game that was run that...
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    Speaker tech question

    Awesome help guys I thought that, the way you explained it was the correct way to set it up and i have done that in the past with out any issues but i wanted to be sure before i blew something up again ty Have a nice weekend
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    Speaker tech question

    Hello every 1 I was wondering if it is possible to run 4 passive speakers with 1 amp without over working the amp or the speakers? If this is possible how would i set it up? I guess i am wondering if I was to run 2, 8 ohm speakes with the same amp per side would that bring the ohm down to 4...
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    4 Circuit Power Distro Question

    My appologies to how i wrote my post. " I am sorry to say u will not get 4 separate circuits from any 2 phase plug when u separate the black and red wire. U only get 2. There are 4 wires inside black red white and green. the only 2 wires that have power is the red and black..." I should...
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    Hawiian luau HELP

    I was just asked to take care of a Hawiian Luau Theme dance and need some music I have come across a few cd on line and have listened to them but I dont like the sound of it It really sounds generic so to speak i was wondering if any 1 wouldnt mind posting a favorite Artist or CD they like to...
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    Powered Speakers Level setting? Need help...

    Hey Paul thanks for the input but i am a little lost still... I guess from what u are saying is that the powered speakers a built to be run at the half way setting, so to speak as compared to the older style powered amp. I have another question if u dont mind... "bring up the output level on...