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    Merry Christmas. There. I Said It.

    ...and a Happy New Year!
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    MBLV - Two Things do Now! Close by for water, Rx, food & supplies etc. 3025 LAS VEGAS BLVD S STE A Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-836-0820 Have fun! John
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    ? regarding Recent Top 40/Dance Music

    Hope you are right! :changes: John
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    Chicken and Vodka come to Vegas

    Flav update John :infinity:
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    Chicken and Vodka come to Vegas

    BREAKIN' Newz John
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    Embarrassing Question re: iTunes

    HitDisc HP201247 -- Released on 11/16/2012 I Love It [Super Clean] Icona Pop Feat. Might just be easier to get a music subscription, as they have many clean edits. I'm scrapping the itunes format when I retire my iphone. John
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    Great news! Kathy Griffin CANCELED!!! YAY!!! DJs -----> :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: John
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    Happy Dyngus Day

    Happy Dyngus Day one and all! Hope you have a gig today too! Johnny K
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    Local DJ Associations, worth it?

    I also served 5 years on the board of The Greater South Buffalo Chamber of Commerce (2 of the 5 years as Vice Chair and every year on committees). Chambers vary from one extreme to another (Just like local associations). Test the waters, and ask general members their experiences with the local...
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    Wealth Inequality in America

    Great article: 183 BILLION More offshore :shocked!: 1.46 TRILLION offshore not being spent on jobs or investing in the U.S.A. :evil: This in OUR country that allows these...
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    Local DJ Associations, worth it?

    I Know! :rolleyes: The topic could go on forever on here. I'm going a different direction. John
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    Local DJ Associations, worth it?

    My short answer to your question is yes and no. I have extensive experience with local associations, and could go on for hours on this topic. I won't. John
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    Received my ADJ passes to the MBLV customer appreciation party. . . yesterday!

    Maybe my free pass is still in the mail. :changes:
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    T Carter Music - Now on iTunes (#1 Father Daughter Dance Song)

    Thanks Tony. If I can't get a song from TM Studios, Itunes or Amazon, the client must provide. I'll be happy to download to I tunes, so I have it. Keep us posted if any new music becomes available! John
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    20/20 Story on ABC They say we "mark up" our wedding prices vs. a birthday part. Duh! We all know what we put into an event vs. a wedding. We need a group that will advocate. I'm thinking about starting one. Shoddy...