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    Impossible to find songs r. kelly song is on the above disc on ebay. No luck on the other.
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    German Grand March?

    For western Kansas, fairly near you, Under the Double Eagle is one that is sometimes used. I also use a song by the Janicek Polka Band called The Grand March.
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    MBLV2011 Audio Tapes?

    Wrote Ryan on the 15th. Wrote again last evening. I will update with whatever I hear. Thanks again. Jon
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    MBLV2011 Audio Tapes?

    Thanks, Mark, Drax, McMusic and Randy. I sent Ryan a PM several days ago, but have heard nothing back. I will send another. Mark Farrell asked on his site if anyone had recorded his talk since something was wrong with the official recording of his talk. Since I didn't go to MBLV this...
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    MBLV2011 Audio Tapes?

    Just wondering if they are available yet. Has anyone heard anything? Thank you.
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    Picked up "The best wedding reception ever

    It is quite a lot of material to wade through, isn't it Kaci? I appreciate your breakdown. Nice analysis, Randy. I always enjoy reading your material. Peter Merry was just in Wichita last week speaking at our CKDJA wedding professionals seminar, signing copies of his book (second ed.) and...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for March 2011

    LE22 Lights For Sale? I have some of these I bought from Bill/ESC and would like to find some more if they are still around. Does anyone have some of these they are selling? Thanks. Jon Graves aka Digger __________________
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    Video of MBLV 2011 Presentations?

    Thank you, Ben. I was not there this year due to work conflicts at home. I really felt a sense of loss, but have spoken with fellow Wichita ADJA members who did go and will ask them to fill in gaps that materials or powerpoint may have filled for those in attendance. If no one here has your...
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    Video of MBLV 2011 Presentations?

    Thanks, Ryan. Audio only? Not video ever? Just out of curiosity, were any of the handout materials necessary to get the most out of the audio presentation? If so, will they be available? Thanks again.
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    Video of MBLV 2011 Presentations?

    Ryan suggested that, in lieu of various persons recording each seminar for personal use, video of the presentations will be made available for purchase. Is there any timeline of when the videos will be ready or how it will work? Is the plan that we buy DVDs, download the seminars, watch a...
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    Your best tip for a MBLV virgin

    I would stay at the Riviera for simplicity's sake. If you are serious about learning, like Mr. Williams and others have said... I would suggest planning which seminars you will most benefit from. Take lots of notes. Video it if you need to. Get into Vegas on Sunday. There are...
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    Wireless Mikes-AKG

    I don't know if a rack mount kit is available. I just used a shelf and velcro to hold the unit to the shelf.
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    Wireless Mikes-AKG

    I owned several WMS 40 single antennae unites, which have been very reliable and economical to operate and really do give a long service on two AAs. I bought a new AKG dual set up with the legal frequencies and found that I had a conflict with local frequency use, making a loud static signal on...