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    Show off your rides...

    I don't have any pics, but I have a 94 Plymouth Grand Caravan. Plenty of room (although I DO have to take out the middle seat). I STILL have to say, ELDON still takes the cake with his hauler !!!
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    Do you drink alcohol at your gigs?

    I, personally NEVER drink at any event that I do. I have been offered numerous times to have a drink by the bride/groom or others (most of the time, they have already bought it and brought it over to me). I just politely turn it down, and they usually understand, and either drink it...
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    I dare you not to get all choked up!

    What a GREAT surprise for the bride! Great story. Now how could the DJ have topped that to make the couples wedding anything more special????? Derek
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    Oct / Nov Issue of Dj Entertainer Mag

    DJ Entertainer Mag... Yes I have received my copy of DJ Entertainer, and REALLY enjoyed it, nice layout, etc. I have since applied online to continue receiving this mag, and hope that it works, and I keep getting it. Keep up the good work! Derek Music Express Manchester, NH
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    Repeat Customer Concerns...

    Previous Customer Concerns.... Stamina, Good for you to stand your ground and get your original quoted price. One problem I would have with this lady would be the comment she made about your prices going up since last year..... when she stated that YOUR COSTS haven't gone up !!! How in...
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    Hi Again All!!!!

    Hi All, I'd like to thank you all for welcoming me back here to Pro Dj, and wishing the best for the family. Ken, Bill, Mike, Mark, and the rest of you (you know who you are), you are the type of people that make it worth being here among all the PROS in this industry. Thanks again all...
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    Hi Again All!!!!

    Hello again everyone !! It has been a LONG, LONG time since I have been here. Some of you may remember me, and some may not, (some of you may remembrer me as Leapfrog Entertainment), others may too new to have ever known me, but I'm glad to be back here with the BEST ! I had taken a leave...
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    Let's all wish Ryan and family a happy holidays :)

    To the whole Burger clan....... We hope you have a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year ! :wink: And to the rest of my ProDj family, I hope you get all your DJ gear that you may have asked Santa for ! Merry Christmas to all ! Derek Music Express Manchester, NH
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    Age Of All You DJ's

    Age: 32 DJ'ing since: 1996 Derek Music Express Manchester, NH
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    Stripper Wedding

    Red, You might as well include me in the circle of warped people... I'll take the pics too...... :wink: Derek Music Express
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    The OTHER kind of DJ

    Yes, I listen to internet radio quite often. I like to use it while surfing the net, beats the boredom of nothing in the background . Plus, it also avoids having to use another source like a boombox or complete home theater. I also like the fact that if I don't like a song, I can always...
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    How Were Your Gigs?

    :D Did I miss this thread this weekend, or do I get to go first this time??? Saturday night, had a 50th anniversary an OK night. First, the guests of honor were an hour and a half late.... was supposed to start at 6pm and go to midnight, got the late start because the limo that picked...
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    Song Help Please....

    Thanks guys, there are a few good ideas there, but please, if someone has more to share....... then keep 'em coming. Thanks, Derek Music Express
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    Song Help Please....

    Hi All, I have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up in a few weeks, and my client would like to have a special song for her to dance with her father to (he is 1/2 of the guest of honor). Besides the songs like Butterfly Kisses, Daddy's Hands, Daddie's Little Girl, etc. (which are more for...
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    Congrats ! Congrats to Ryan and the gang for all their hard work in bringing this site up to "speed"......sorry, no pun Anyway, this seems to be real nice so far, and the speed is just wonderful. Keep up the good work gang. Derek Music Express Manchester, NH