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    What Do You Do When?

    last week I found myself tracing the career of Jason Bateman all the back to "It's Your Move" , then felt the odd compulsion to search all cast members in a where are they now kind of way. How I waste time is very random and depends on the particulars of the day.
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    The Stupid Key Bit

    Thanks to everyone for the input. I believe I will pass the mic off to mom and let her take the fall. She wants it to be a suprise for the B&G. Like I said I haven't touched this bit since 1999, but Mom is insistant that this is exactly what she wants. As I recall from my earlier days...
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    The Stupid Key Bit

    Yesterday I booked a wedding through the Bride's mother. At the end of the meeting, she says she absolutly has to do the bit with the apartment keys. For those of you unfamiliar with this... An announcement is made for every one with a key to the groom's apartment to bring the key up and...
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    How did YOU become a DJ?

    When I was 14 my parents bought me my first set of "gear" as a christmas gift. One radio shack Mono PA Mixer, two Traynor full range speakers that were inspected by Moses and then shipped on the Arc, two radio shack single deck cassette players (those new fangled CD's just didn't seem like a...
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    Here's a new idea for a team building event, You can make some big bucks too!

    I've only tried to sell something like this twice, and with no luck in either outing. First I tried to sell it in conjunction with a boy's 16th Birthday Party. Mom & Dad said it was cost prohibitive. Next I tried to sell it with an 18th birthday party. Dad said he didn't think...
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    Non-DJ Related Need Personal Advice

    Ladies and Gentlemen.... Mad Joe Martin has reminded us all of the ingredient that is all too often overlooked in the recipe of success for our industry. . Nonlinear Creativity. This is what "out of the box" meant before the fortune 500's drizzled it with the restraints of conformity...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Nov. 30, 2008

    hey gang, I'm looking for a preowned game show set up. I would prefer something like face off or the digigames version, but would consider other preowned units if available. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you have something that will fit my needs. Thanks...
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    Anyone a member of Gigmasters?

    I hate resurrecting old threads, but I am looking to widen my bridal pipeline, and was wondering if those of you using this service still feel that it is a worthwhile investment, and flip floppidly, if some feel it is a less that favorable way to spend some dough. Thanks
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    Promo Only Just Lost a Subscriber

    I'm guessing this is the same version that appeared on PC a few weeks back. A great song. Too bad about the lyrics, my crew has been instructed not to play it. I hold no ill will toward my provider, the choice not to play was mine and mine alone. I remember a long time ago, 1997, and...
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    New Version of Waiting on A Woman

    Has anyone else laughed out loud at the Brad Paisly/ Andy Griffith version of Waitin' on a Woman from this week's Prime Cuts? It is such a nice idea, and then Matlock's vocals are lazily inserted during the last quarter of the song like the producer just gave up. The first 3/4 are done...
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    VMA awards last night!

    At first I was like "why is Amy Whinehouse on my TV" then I realized is it was that Russell Brand fellow that thing that he did in the movies or TV or something. Some people may have been somewhat familiar with from his work in ..... some sort of project. When did MTV become...
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    Question for $300- $400.00 DJs

    I figure my break even point by dividing my gross yearly operating expenses by a projected number of yearly events. The result is my per event cost of operation. "How do you label or put a price on your services? " If this were simply a vanity project I would say I am...
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    Anyone Have Experience with shipping from china?

    Steve, Are you purchasing directly from a company in China, or through a domestic distributor of a product manufactured in China? If you are buying direct from China, you may want to employ the services of a logistics company to handle the shipping related duties. The other option...
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    Elvis "out-tro" song?

    That about that one that sounds kind of like the classic theme from family feud. You still hear it at revivals and such. It is a horn heavy piece and people love to clap along to it. I have been racking my brain for a decade trying to track that down. I think it played in his...
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    Increasing number of I Pod Playlists

    The new music won't put me in to the red by any means, but from the stand point of wanting to make as much profit as possible while staying competitive in terms of price, value & service, I prefer avoid as many unexpected purchases as possible. It also puts a huge damper on our programming...