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    We will give you $100 to switch to our services

    LOL Well, I suppose in a gentlemanly manner I should say, Charge what you're worth. If you are already doing a good job and the schools like what you do, then you should have no problem booking other schools. Especially from some extreme "bottom feeders" that are "blazing" new trails in the...
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    Self Defense safety for yourself

    this one I must say, I've enjoyed the varying opinions and remarks from you folks. It's quite amusing to see how people from all over the country react to different situations. Personally, I've never had a problem in 20 years...looking for some wood to knock on.... but in all due respect to...
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    Will the good DJs..... Disappear?

    sorry bout that Sorry bout the graphic, was trying to figure out how to get the avatar on there. Must be my old age creepin' up on me. Speaking of which, one thing you have to remember is that "cool marches on". To be successful you must be all things to all people. But realistically that...
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    Will the good DJs..... Disappear?

    Care to hang around? :lol: This is a topic that we could discuss all night long. It doesn't matter which market you are in. There will always be those who simply want to make a couple bucks or a bar tab at their local pub. To me this is not where someone wishing to make a career out of...