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    BlissLight 15 - Guitar Center Deal!!!

    I hope I dont get in trouble for posting to this thread...but I do work for BlissLights and GC is fitted with the new optics..I dont think it is a clearanced item as they just became a dealer with us. Maybe they said it was clearanced so you couldnt use the coupon? If you are able to use that...
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    Wizard of Oz theme - need suggestions

    Chad I heard of Joe Staniszewski of JBS Entertainment using the BlissLight as part as a EMERALD CITY Theme and we have some great photos from it.... Andy
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    this looks cool....

    Kudos to Alexander for reading our press releases so quickly. I apologize for releasing this prematurely. Lite Driver wanted me to hold off on the Press Release until the Lite Driver web site was ready for the traffic and the final videos were completed. I posted a little early and Alexander...
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    Vegas Done, bittersweet, A rant.

    I have sat here for 6 days now reading about this and that about the Vegas show. It was was up...people who didnt even attend are watching videos like the Kennedy assassination Zupruder films and some how they can tell it was down. Without walking in the hallways or even attending...
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    Mark Evans Update...

    Thats GREAT NEWS...hope you are feeling better soon..our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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    My new I'm tired of price shopper email replies

    bb I have noticed in alot of posts you seem really hung up on your concept of brides price shopping. . But, the question is, does the mere fact that a bride asked about your pricing confirm she’s primarily concerned with price? I don’t think so! Shopping for a wedding is a new experience...
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    AS you can see by my post count, I dont post a whole lot...but Ed I am really glad you won. Please apply all that you learned, keep coming out you'll always learn more, I hope you never get to a point where you think you have learned it all...Enjoy what you do and let me know if there is...
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    Lest We Forget Those Who Came Before....

    I would LOVE to hear it...but for some reason I cannot get it to play...any ideas?
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    MBLV08 Roll Call

    I will be excited to see alot of the NEW faces/attendees this year and of course always excited to see old friends (maybe not so excited to GroovyLou's face :shock: ) kidding, kidding....this year is looking to be exciting! Please read the issue 110 coming out within the next week of all the...
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    Winter NAMM - Anyone going?

    I will be at NAMM this year. Would love to meet you between meetings ... and maybe I can sway you to attend our MBLV '08 show while your there... :wink: Looking forward to seeing Big Ken and the Lou-ster as always...
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    Happy Birthday Ken Heath

    Happy Birthday KEN!!! and Thank you for all the hard work you do for us here at PRODJ...have a great day. :P
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    fun with the Mother/Son

    Kieth GREAT edit! That must have been fun to watch! Looking forward to the video...As you can see by my post count I dont come to the boards very often, so please e-mail when you have it! Thanks man...hope to see you in Vegas!!!
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    Mascot Dance Songs

    Finally a post I can repsond a former professional mascot for a baseball team i used several routines between innings...i did a my rubber ducky (from Seasame Street), into singing in the rain, into hot in herre and took off all my "clothes" with silly underwear underneath...i did a Kid...
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    Help!!! Need Suggestions...Fthr/Dght Dance

    Hey fellow DJ's...I need your creative input here...Upcoming I have a father/daughter dance where the father is wheel chair bound with MS... the bride still would like to do the fthr/dght dance and sitting on his lap isnt a option...he is too weak... So I come to anyone have any...
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    Ryan, who do I contact about advertising?

    Steve, Please contact me at 515-986-3300 ext 304. I handle all advertising for Mobile Beat Magazine, Tradeshows, and now new and exciting Mobile Beat Radio! I am traveling back today (3/8/07) from the Night Club and Bar in Vegas but can talk to you on Friday. Feel free to e-mail...