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    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    I have checked in here on an off in recent years. Obviously the facebook groups have taken over. I would have thought that moving this forum and dj chat to a facebook group would have been a easy move to make a few years ago. Sid has had dj chat offline for a few years now.
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    Thanks CORONA....2 events cancelled in the last week

    We have mostly rescheduled most of our spring weddings. Most all of our proms and school events are cancelled. A few may try to have something at the end of this month or into June. I'm not holding my breath on that happening.
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    Sending A Copy Of Your Contract, Via Brides Request, To Wedding Coordinator...

    It's frustrating when we get looked at as just the DJ. What do we know about running a wedding ceremony and reception? There is a science behind planning the events of a wedding.
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    Battery Operated System

    American Audio will have a battery powered 200 watt 15inch speaker in the next month or so. However it will not have an accessory outlet for a lapel mic. So I'm looking at a battery powered lapel mic system from sennheiser now to use with it to be 100% cord free. If this works it will be battery...
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    Fog Fury Fazer Review

    We have been using these for a few months now. They are awesome. But I do suggest using scents. Vanilla is a good choice.
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    Up Lighting Charges

    I charge $40 per light for the first 10, $30 per light beyond that. Sometimes you have to sell per fixture, sometimes you can sell the room. But only if you know how many fixtures go into the room to make it look right to begin with.
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    Exclusive To A Venue

    If you're a single-op you would be more pressured to be available. I have 3 rigs and have 1 venue partnership where all of us can go, and a second partnership that is just for me. I can't take on anymore partnerships because with a crew of 3 it would cause an availability issue. There would be a...
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    Rip Joe Cocker

    I just saw this post as I have not logged in in a while. I had no idea. Saw nothing on facebook or in the news. Bummer.
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    Only Certain Channels Working, Vdj On Denon Mc6000mk2

    For the sound card settings, you need to set it to headphone, and asio. Then select PC on channels 1 and on the mixer.
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    VDJ 8 vs VDJ 7

    It would be in the POI Editor. You can mark a beat grid anchor or first beat. Editing the BPM is done in the BPM editor, which you select from the track menu, or right click on the tap. Here are videos -
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    VDJ 8 vs VDJ 7

    The sound and video engines are much improved. POI allows saving and recall of cue points, marking loops, and much more. BPM editor allows to mark different tempos in a track. New Skins! Color coding of track - makes good for marking first dances or special songs for an event Sandbox - Sandbox...
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    Wireless Dmx

    I don't know which ones you are referring to. I use the ADJ Wifly and it has been very reliable.
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    Does Dj Intelligence Pro Have Seo Benefits?

    I don't see how it can really help you as far as SEO. I think it presents a more polished look so your clients don't see in the address bar.
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    VJs and Windows 8.1

    Good post. It's time to purchase updated laptops and having to use Windows 8 has been on my mind. I've been using VDJ8 here and there, I've had a sound card issue with my Denon MK2 so have not fully made the switch yet. I think I'm close to switching to 8 full time, and upgrading y 2 other...
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    Get Rid Of Cds?

    With services now offering direct download of current releases, is disc storage still necessary? TM Studios offers a download and disc option or just a download option. I currently opt for the download and disc, but I keep a backup drive of the digital downloads and I file the CDs. But because...