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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for December 2013

    All in great shape. PM me with your address for shipping. 2 EV Eliminators (new 1/4" inputs) 600 2 EV 300SX white (Immaculate! Very little use with cases!) 650 Crown PowerBase 2 in SKB 2 space amp rack (used with small system for five years, backup amp for 5 years, never used after that) 300
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for November 2013

    Selling the following in great shape Pair EV Eliminators new 1/4 inputs 600 Pair white EV SX 300 immaculate with cases 700 Crown PowerBase 2 in great shaped, 10 years old, but used about half that time in a 2 space SKB amp case 350 prices are for pickup only- PM me with address for shipping
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    Dining hall sound.

    They will be glad they hired you! As I read your description, my first thought was "whose bright idea was it to have a ceiling that low- midgets? I'm guessing this room has sliding dividers. Would that be a good guess?
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    Some DJ's just don't have integrity ....

    Make the phone call, and let the Maitre d know how or when they responded. It sounds like he would want that information as well.
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    WOW...another tent setup disaster

    Stark Enterprises strikes again!
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    Now here is a handy cable to have.

    " you want to plug into my system? Here ya go..."
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    Ears bleeding, yet?

    SURE.....she didn't break up the Beatles... not at all...
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    The "Groaning Seventies"...

    I agree with the utilitarian aspect. Progressive Rock is not useful for dancing. That doesn't mean it's not great music. A lot of the artists you mention are one hit wonders. Where is Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Three Dog Night? They recorded some fantastic tunes. I love...
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    Sennheiser E835 Replacement ... Shure, EV, Audix which to choose?

    My preference is the Shure Beta 58. It has the nice EQ bump and proximity effect for male voices that the SM-58 has, but much better feedback rejection.
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    Shure Lavalier debate wl93 vs wl183?

    Omni-directional for speaking is less desirable than a cardoid or hyper-cardoid. The cardoid effect minimizes other noises and feedback. To be honest, I really don't think an omni is a good choice at all for a lavalier mic.
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    First Bad Check

    Exactly. That makes you look like the bad guy. The reason for a contract is to make payment expectations abundantly clear PRIOR TO the event. There are some clients who will act like a child and see how far they can go without paying. If you back down from the terms of your agreement, your...
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    First Bad Check

    Hehe...there is a thread on another DJ board where several DJs say "I have ALWAYS collected AFTER the event and have NEVER been stiffed in the over XX years I have been DJing. They then imply they think it will never happen to them and are going to continue business as usual. I'm fine with...
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    Two days ago vs. right now.

    I hope you guys are safe. Batten down the hatches!
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    O/T: Go Tigers!

    It looks to me like a four game sweep for the Giants. I would prefer the Tigers win, but it doesn't matter that much to me after the Braves gave away their shot.