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    Wow! It's been years since I've been on this forum. Can't believe it was 2002 when I first...

    Wow! It's been years since I've been on this forum. Can't believe it was 2002 when I first posted. If you are still around and see this...yes I still have the lights and yes I can create white.
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    Buddy Walker Question

    Howdy, In need of some buddy walkers. I;'ve researched and found many different styles and prices. Wanting to know if anyone here has bought/used them and if so do you recommend? Thank you
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    Speaking Of How Times Have Changed.....remember Djpower?

    I was on FB and someone was selling a lunchbox for $600. The original thread got off topic by me "Sorry" due to my bad experience. Anyhow....were you around when your digital DJ/VJ choice was DJPower and Visiosonic SL1200? To buy the DJPower VJ software you had to spend 3 to 5 times the going...
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    Man...times Have Changed.

    I rarely visit this site anymore for many reasons. Went to my profile page and saw I joined 13 years ago. Can't believe it's been that long ;) Update my mug shot and took this site for spin. Noticed how few forum pages are left. Curious if there is an archive of all the old content?
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    Do Albums (vinyl) Have Any Value?

    I'm sure someone would see value and buy them but as we all know.....vinyl is a niche market.
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    Happy birthday Bill Smith

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Bill!!!!!
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    Weddings - They are a-changing

    Here's some I haven't played in long long while. Love shack Mony mony Chicken Dance Macarena YMCA In The Mood Basically oldies now is 90's music. I've been playing long enough that oldies was 50's & 60's. Times have changed.
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    I need to rent a generator

    Need one next weekend. I'm running 2 QSC k12, Rane Mixer, Laptop and wireless mic. I have no idea what wattage etc...I'll need. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    What Happened to all the forums?

    OK....I'm not around much anymore so I was surprised when I came in for a peak only to discover most of the forums are gone. There used to be interactive, weddings, formal events and a few other I can't remember. Are they gone for good?
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    Which Photobooth

    I may add that you need to question yourself "How will I be transporting" the booth. APB with all the accessories need a cargo van and bigger. I have a pathfinder and my big booth won't fit. If you plan on hiring people to use your need people with a large capacity vehicle or...
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    What Did You Play At NYE?

    Auld lang syne? Is that how it's spelled?
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    Mics were clipping and distorted last night. Trying to understand.

    Just to clarify...when I say 1/2 I mean my master was at #5 of 10.
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    Mics were clipping and distorted last night. Trying to understand.

    Well last night I had an indoor wedding using Rane MP44 and a pair if Shure SLX wireless systems with SM58 mics. I noticed on my mixer that both mic channels were clipping when volumes were set at around the 10 or 11 O'clock. Anything under that and I didn't have enough. My master channel on my...
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    A Weight Update

    Sounds like you "Gained" way more as a result of your loss. Congratulations!!!!!!
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    For the older DJs....

    If you're old enough to have played 45's at a wedding then here is a cool new tune by Joe Walsh titled: Analog Man. If you get the chance....give it a spin and relate to how it was and is. Great lyrics in this song. I'm an Analog Man!