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    Thank You Behringer and PSSL!

    Micheal. No appology necessary. I'm not lit up at all beyond the money that was paid for these two units. Because I'll not get the value from it for what the mixers are worth and they are even less valuable to me sold at less than half thier original value. Please don't think that my...
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    DJU - What's going on?

    Here, Here :!:
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    Thank You Behringer and PSSL!

    No, I expect a unit brand new to fully function as anyone buying any product would expect. I didn't buy a Behringer product expecting a Rane. Thats like buying a escort, expecting it to perform like a sports car. I expected the unit to be fully operational to its designed function. I...
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    Forced Out of the DJ World

    Truely unfortunate. Hopefully precious family memories and belongings weren't all lost as well. Good not to read that any loved ones were injured. From implied info in your post, seems there will be a recovery from this loss. Smart to be coverd for situations like this, one never knows. May...
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    Thank You Behringer and PSSL!

    Dan, I feel your pain. It's not that I'm complaining, but I have noticed more and more that the companies that I CHOOSE to associate with thru this business have third parties attached all over them. Weather intentional or not. There's more than just Prodj out there telling you that if you...
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    Experienced Opinions Needed: Help Categorize BPMs

    Not to be arguemenative, but you having trained DJs able to read a crowd has nothing to do with the original query asked. DJ intellingence is working on an addition for thier tools. I am looking forward to whatever they come up with. I agree with your statement, however, it doesn't answer...
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    Experienced Opinions Needed: Help Categorize BPMs

    I've been doing a lot of thinking about this topic. Since I have put more focus on my actual DJing skills these last couple of months, BPM ranges have been a constant topic for me to work on. Last night, I had a bit of an Epiphany. Two of my strongest tools that I use for my service are DJ...
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    Thank You Behringer and PSSL!

    Eric - thanks for the mention, I'll be sure to look him up as soon as I'm in the market. Nicky - We were among the first customers waiting on PSSLs list to get the VMX1000 when the hadnt yet been available to ship. At that time, there were no prior reviews for the product. At least then...
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    Thank You Behringer and PSSL!

    Well I'd like to take a moment to thank the good people of Pro Sound Stage and Lighting as well as Behringer. After buying not only the DJM-700 but also the VMX1000, they have played a key role in my decision of Manufacturers and retailers to never look to for gear again. I'm posting...
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    It's time to RUN IT AGAIN.......

    No grand stature, no political forum, no attitude or shaken fist presented. IF you feel this is worthy of being moved to another forum instead of public view, I will not complain or criticize. Many of you may already be aware of this, but for those of you whom have never heard it or...
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    Gas Prices

    ELKHART, INDIANA - Average price for 87 octane = $3.19 I have been told the prices in South Bend are as high as $3.50 :shock:
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    Superpages Pay Per Click

    Ed - We are in our second year with Verizon's Superpages online PPC. Eventhough we have received a few passers by here and there, we've not seen much action from them either. But i'm not necessarily ready to shut it down. We switched putting the money towards the online listing...
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    CrossMix: Christian Mobile DJ Association Revisted

    Todd You have a very interesting idea. As time has passed us by though, I began to think that Christian DJs would benefit more from a "Network" than an "Association". I agree with others that there are many that simply won't get involved in building anything. But a network of DJs that...
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    Separate contract for the ceremony?

    Sometime back I was working on changing my agreement to outline specific services for the client on the agreement as opposed to a "one size fits all" document. My search for help or advice was met with scrutiny and not much help. Choosing to go it alone instead, I'm composing a better...
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    Where Do I Find Mashups?