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    No longer in business

    No longer in business
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    How do I get my membership deleted? I haven't DJ'd in over 5 years and I don't want this to...

    How do I get my membership deleted? I haven't DJ'd in over 5 years and I don't want this to show up in a Google search.
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for April 2011

    *GULF COAST AREA - LOCAL PICKUP* I have a used JBL MRX518s subwoofer for sale. It's really too heavy to ship but I will meet within reasonable distance of Mobile, AL/Fairhope, AL. Some of the covering is knocked off of one corner, but the sub sounds strong and is solid. My initial offering...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Oct.25, 2008

    CASES Gator 6x2 Case very good condition $120 Gator G-MIX-8PU in box used about 10 times very good condition $140 (2)Eurolite CD cases - one black & one silver...$15 each (2) Ariba AC-150 Cases - like new no rips, etc $65 each LIGHTING Chauvet Stage Designer 16 DMX lighting controller...
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    Gulf Coast Area DJs

    DJs in Mobile, AL, Florida panhandle, and MS gulf coast - there is a blog set up at for the purpose of local networking and gear exchange. To my knowledge (except for may Pensacola), there is not a regional disc jockey association of any kind. Who knows...
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    "Price"... "Value"...

    When this is the basis for business and life decisions, rarely can one find the solution...
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    EVER SEE A $1500.00 CAKE?

    It's simply about finding someone who will pay what you charge. It won't be everyone, just enough to keep you in the business.
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    I need MySpace friends

    If you are so inclined, post your myspace link for networking. MySpace hasn't gone away and a presence isn't a bad thing - in MY opinion. I searched for a list, to no avail, if there is one please let me know and this post can be deleted... :) This is not intended to start a discussion...
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    Rear projection . . . problem solved

    :oops: Gosh, didn't even see the list, was infatuated by the pics :lol: Thanks
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    Rear projection . . . problem solved

    Hi Nick, I like the interested although video isn't in the plan for this year (now that may change...) Can you share the small footprint system list of components? Either here or PM.... Many thanks,
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    Sound project - looking for suggestions

    Can this be accomplished with an aux? The A&H board we have allows an aux to be assigned to the talkback.
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    Coming soon Monday . . . . from ESC

    Nice Bill, who makes these products?
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    The Knot

    To me, it means after you submit the advertising, but of course I could be reading it appears to be intentionally vague...
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    Wanted: Colorsplash 196

    Looking for ONE Chauvet Colorsplash 196 (white can). There are plenty of new ones out there :D but I am piecing back together a system...looking to grab one of those good deals.
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    Spandex skirts for speaker stands?

    There may be 100 "better" questions; mine is not a complicated one...but I digress. I contacted DJ Skirts and they explained to me that they have tested using this material for tripod stands and that there are too many hurdles to jump to make it worth manufacturing. So the topic can be...