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  • Hi Cap. I spoke with you a couple of times and you were kind enough to help answer all of my Bose questions. I made the decision to go with the single bass set. However, because of my financing needs and limitations, I am probably going to have to go thru ZZounds since they allow 8 payments. I wanted to run the deal thru you but didn't want to insult you by asking for something similar. Either way, thank you for your help.

    Joe Tetzel
    Thanks...but you probably already expected that from me, I just have not confirmed (to protect my ability to be here), to anyone, who "me" be.
    Hi there Cap, my name is Patrick, aka Reverend Jet. I am a wedding officiant in the Wilton/Saratoga area and was happily surprised to find you are from this area. I actually believe you did a performance for my cousin's wedding back in the early 90's! Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself to you. I'm actually working at getting some local bar/pub gigs as a DJ, which is what brought me to this forum. Peace.

    Rev. Jet
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