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    For All You Craps Lovers (Vegas Related)

    Jake, Count me in for a night at the tables as well. Joe and Lou can account for my skills and strategys. See you at the Pass Line and be sure to grab me and say hello. I will have a lot more free time this year for socializing and networking away from the show floor.
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    Destination Wedding in Florida Help

    Styles may vary somewhat from ND but overall most stuff is tried and true. While I know some of the guys up north are more Interactive overall, down here that all depends on the client. In you discussions with the client, make sure you ask them what they want in terms of the interaction...
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    I saw the $300 DJ and the $150 DJ last night

    Ron, I think you missed a golden opprotunity to educate these two guys in a non-confrontational manner. You might even find out the complete story of these two guys. You wrote Now, please let me preface this by saying I am not pointing out this in just you but our industry overall...
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    Feedback on RV Nuccio Insurance

    Jody, Since you are with RV you are a member of the ADJA. Since mid-year, you no longer have to call RV to get an additional insured cert. All you have to do is log into your ADJA Account and order it online, and PRESTO you can print it ASAP (even at midnight Friday night before a saturday...
  5. Bryan Foley advertiser is a thief!!! Avoid being a victim!!!

    THIS HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE STAFF AT PRODJ and will be looked into further. Thanks for the heads up and you can PM Ryan directly with any further details and updates.
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    Artical by Mark Johnson in MB 108

    Chuck, Thanks again for your continuee membership. I was speaking in the broader picture that it takes ALL of US to achieve the many goals we desire. Positive people moving forward in the right direction with out attaching strings and having a Whats In It For ME attitude. Again thanks...
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    Artical by Mark Johnson in MB 108

    Chuck, I appreciate all you have done n the many years you have been involved in the DJ industry from the cramped seminar rooms at the TAJ in AC to recently last year in vegas. I do have to state that I disagree with one statement you wrote and I quote here is where YOU can do it by...
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    Artical by Mark Johnson in MB 108

    Whoa, First off, I simply enjoy talking and discussing things with people I can put a name to a face. So far your post have been along the lines of a board troll that comes in without any positive input and wreaks havoc in an online community. As for the Drax bash... Wolfman Jack etc all...
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    Artical by Mark Johnson in MB 108

    I'm sorry, but I seem to be unable to find your name anywhere in your profile. Perhaps maybe you would care to identify yourself by proper name so we can have a communication? As for putting the cart before the horse....the members of the ADJA ...ARE the horses that build this industry...
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    Artical by Mark Johnson in MB 108

    Chuck, What you are talking about takes $$$$$. And lots of it. A single ad in Modern Bride for instance cost upwards of $50,000. per issue on a national basis. However the ADJA IS leading the way in doing this with the many radio spot commercials we have released this past February and...
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    Brand new Association in New England ( ADJA Local Chapter )

    Cap, Please visit the team at as that is the local ADJA chapter already formed and working out the growing pains in the Capital Region of NY. Call me if you need anything at any time at my Direct Number (727) 397-0078 and you can deal with me or Rob.
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    RIP Bill Pinkney, last original member of the Drifters...

    Isn't Carl Thomas still alive. I worked with him last November and shared the stage with Him and his Drifters version. He was still kicking real good then.
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    In Memory Of?

    Joe, Neal and Chuck nailed it as good as what i had to offer. I know you'll do a professional and personal job.
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    Complete Tragedy.........prayers needed!

    I have many great memories of my time at Va Tech and this hits home so close. I pray that my former professors are safe and will be watching for the names of the staff that were murdered or injured so as to pray for them and all the victims. Sad, Sad, Sad. It amazes me that when the...
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    Sony Acid Guru's: How To Add Beats To Song

    Paul, Russ Harris did a seminar on this a bit at AC last year. You might want to call him and talk to him about the issues you are facing. He is a remix master and can get you going in the right direction. His Company name is Show On The Road and he is an ADJA member and member of...