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    Andy "Cubbie" Powell

    Quick update. Andy is now responsive. The doctors are running tests to see what happened to cause the problems. Initial tests show that his carbon dioxide levels were extremley high in his blood stream. They have him on a resperator for now. Talking about leaving him on it for another 24 hours...
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    Andy "Cubbie" Powell

    I ask that anyone who knows Andy "Cubbie" Powell to keep him in your prayers at this time. Andy went in yesterday for a surgical procedure. Last night he was doing good, but this morning the nurses found him unresponsive. He is currently in the critical care unit at Methodist Hospital in Des...
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    Any Denon HD 2500 users out there?

    I LOVE THE 2500. I have used it for I believe 3 years now.
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    What ever happened to Bret Agard???

    No it will not Lou. I know Ryan and his staff are planning some great things for the show this year. I know anyone who attends will come away with great knowledge. And the networking opportunities are the best you can ask for anywhere. If I had the money to get out to Vegas, I would be there.
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    What ever happened to Bret Agard???

    Hi Gang. I am around still, just not on the boards much lately. I still support the boards here and my fellow DJs in the world. Things are going all right. I have launched my own company along with Andy "Cubbie" Powell, another former MB staff member. Over the past several weeks I have heard...
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    Digi Games Software - Now What?

    I have used the wireless lock out buttons for several events, and love them. I get more people willing to play because they do not have to get up in front of people. Have used them for tables vs tables games.
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    EZDJ webserver down?

    Joe- Please call 515-986-3300 x350. Someone from our support group should answer. I have a reception starting in 20 min. otherwise I would call you. Bret
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    dancin' down the court room

    I read that this was done as a spoof to the JK wedding video that is getting so much run on YouTube and the media.
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Yesterday Mark!
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    New eWebmin

    I am writing this to help save people time with any questions they may have about the new eWebmin. For those who have not heard yet, I am stepping aside from the support side of the new EWebmin program. After doing some support for DJ Webmin for almost 4 years, I have 3 other areas of Ryan's...
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    New eWebmin

    Steve- I take great pleasure in replying to something Ryan said. For once (again) Ryan is wrong. LOL. That felt good to say. Mike (the programmer of EW) is working on the back up procedure for you to manually do back-ups. They are working on several different back-up/export items right now.
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    Prodjmail accounts

    Sonic- ProDJ mail is our free mail client that we announced a year ago in e-mails to our clients that we were phasing out. It is not turned off yet, so you can give me a call and I can see what we can do. Bret
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    DJ Event Planner & DJWEBMIN Question???

    unlimited sounds- As I mentioned in the beginning of this thread, you have to create yourself as a staff member and create a login using another user name. We are using seperate logins for Admin compared to Event management because too many people were locking themselves out of their...
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    DJ Event Planner & DJWEBMIN Question???

    Current users will be grandfathered in. Also, there are over 60 new features in the program that were not there before.
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    DJ Event Planner & DJWEBMIN Question???

    You can also Scott register for a smaller package, and once you get within I believe it is either 10 events or 10% of hitting your limits on BOOKED events (not just leads), it will tell you that you can upgrade to the next level and prorate the difference with the remaining time you have left...