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    When things go beyond tacky.

    I had a couple do a money dance, then have me announce that all the money was being donated to the local children's hospital. The crowd loved it. But as a rule, for all the already-mentioned reasons and many more, I'm not a fan.
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade fro July 2013

    Selling the following: 1. Traktor Kontrol X1, Mint in box with instructions and software CD - $100 2. Rane TTM56S Mixer, Mint with Original packaging $450 3. Serato SL3 with unused control CD's, all cables and original Packaging, Mint, $400 Will sell the TTM56 and SL3 together for...
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    Some DJ's just don't have integrity ....

    Call 'em. Give 'em a week. If they don't return it, a 5 gallon can of gas, a bag of playground sand and a candle will give you both satisfaction and time to construct an alibis. That's how we say "No problem." in Youngstown. :)
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    Songs to start runners at a race?

    Runnin' Wild - Airbourne Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation Tick Tick Boom - Hives Cobra -Hardwell I Run for Life (Especially great for charity runs) Melissa Ethridge Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim Long Time - Static Revenger & Angger Dimas
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    Need To Create A Medley for a Father/Daughter Dance...

    Make it in advance. Sony Vegas, the home version. Or pay me to do it. I do this for a living.
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    A Weight Update

    Way to go, Tom! Maintenance is the next step. Make your good habits permenant and you'll be set for life.
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    Ceremony Processional suggestions, I love Lucy recessional

    How about the Dick VanDyke theme? Then, her dad could trip over an ottoman as he walks her down the aisle. (Wow, you have to be ANCIENT to get that joke.)
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    Happy Birthday Steve Lynch!

    Happy Birthday, Steve! You know more geniuses are born in April than any other month, right? At least, that's what I believe :p
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    Your Opinion: My Purchase is the Price Right?

    I'd add $100 and go with a 13" MacBook Pro. But I just don't like HP. To me, they're the computer equivalent of Mackie. Used to be good. Sucked big time for awhile. Trying to come back, but still not quite there yet. Just my opinion.
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    Recorder for ceremomies?

    If you're using Serato Scratch Live, Itch or DJ, click record. Done.
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    Lose the puke voice

    I notice that many DJ's speak too fast and raise the pitch of their voice. People listen to you when you slow down, enunciate and have something to say. The number one mistake I hear is referring to "The Bride and Groom" ALL NIGHT. Everybody in the wedding party has a name. You, as the person...
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    Software vs Hardware Controller

    I used a hardware controller for many years and was fine with it. But I like software so much better. I bought MyDMX last year after a few years of using Freestyler. Freestyler is fine, but the Profiles not available for it make it a time-waster. Freestyler's site even says "we're not here to...
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    Pioneer DDJ-SX and Odyssey Case Review

    Tunes, ' I'd see what Marathon has. I have several of their cases, too and have always been happy with them. A glide top is a must for me. But maybe others mike not prefer it. Actually, if the Odyssey case were 2" wider and deeper, and the foam on the sides was more snug, I'd be fine with it.
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    Hi Joe, I have two 25lb bases wth 1" pipe (2 5ft sections each) and 2 50lb bases with 2" Pipe (2...

    Hi Joe, I have two 25lb bases wth 1" pipe (2 5ft sections each) and 2 50lb bases with 2" Pipe (2 10ft sections each). I also have the white and zip ties to wrap them. The larger ones are heavy enough to support ETC Source Fours. The smaller ones are plenty sturdy to affix a 6-spot. But I only...
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    Virtual DJ vs. Serato Scratch

    I learned something. Didn't know that. I've only ever used VDJ with the DN MC6000 and I've owned a DDJ-S1 since it came out. I likely won't use it with S1 or SX anyway because I just like Serato better. But that's good to know for backup purposes. The more, the merrier.