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  • Hi Brian,

    I remember you mentioned using some steel bases and black pipe for perimeter lighting stands. What pipe size are you using? Any chance I could rent 4 of these setups from you on Friday, July 26? I'm in Akron. I will be using the Chauvet 6 spot on each - for table lighting. If so, what's the $? Thanks.

    Joe Tetzel
    Hey Jeff,

    I have run them sound active while testing them, and I think they move too fast as well. I have them DMX'ed. If you think you won't have time to program them a lot before prom, you could compensate by just programming some static scenes with more use of scrolling, rotation and strobing. That will add excitement without requiring the extra programming time. Then just program one scene that's DMX sound active. That way, you can have the beams all over the room, then pull them back down to the floor whenever you want.

    Hope that helps.

    Hey Brian - Thanks for some informative video's on the Intimidator 300. I have two coming this week. I've read a couple of things people are finding they don't like about the 300. I understand the sound-active modes are either too fast or too slow, and that also during sound-active modes the slight spend too much time off the dance floor and around the perimeter. I'll eventually run these DMX, so I'm not concerned for the long term. But I'm not convinced I'll get to this for the prom this weekend. Thoughts on how to compensate for these downsides (if these have also been your observations). Any other tips?

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