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    Nothing but 'Net - Got A New Truck!

    Nice! Good luck with it!
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    Weird Al is back!

    Did anyone catch him doing "Tacky" live on Conan? Pretty cool.
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    "Your price is way out of our budget" NO WONDER..Take a look below....

    It's that bald-headed freak Caillou! :D
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    TBT - ridiculous things people say

    "Play the 'Big Butts' song"!! *sigh* Kids today... Lately, I only get really peeved with the "play it next!/play it now!" That's the one that really gets under my skin. Probably because I can't stand demanding entitled people or their offspring that are being brought up acting the same way. At...
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    android - apple question

    Sadly, you can't do that with an iPad. Not in it's stock out-of-the-box form anyway. I think Western Digital makes a wireless hard drive, but it only works with their app. You couldn't use the DJay app to play music from it.
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    Using VDJ without my Denon?

    First, in Windows, make sure you have the driver installed for the laptop's built in sound card. Then in Virtual DJ, you may want to try "Single Output" for Outputs and "Simple" for Soundcard. Even though you will listen through headphones, don't pick that option. It does not mean what you...
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    How else would you remember how to build an oscillator overthruster? "No matter where you go, there you are."
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    Which music subscription is the best these days?

    Similar to what Steve said, "best" is in the eye of the beholder (or something like that). I've been using PrimeCuts for several years now, and the last few (2?) have had their MP3 subscription. Makes it very easy to copy to my laptop drive. All tagged up and ready to go. I do get alot of extra...
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    RIP John Pinette (comedian)

    Oh man. Very funny guy. I'd like to add that without him, my friends and I would not have one of our favorite quotes, "You here four hour! You go now!!"
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    Electrovoice ZLX12P 12 inch 1000 watt powered monitor

    I have a pair of them. Been working good so far. Sounds decent. My complaint is too much bass. Usually have to dial it down. My first set of powered top speakers and I'm happy with them. Next up is a set of EV subs to go with them, to replace my aging (yet still thumpin') B52's.
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    Why does my Laptop Sound Quality Stink On Ice?

    It's nice as a backup, but I wouldn't use it every night. Most of the on board sound cards are not meant for low-latency/high quality audio work.
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    Digital DJ Controllers

    I've been using a Denon MC3000 with Virtual DJ for a while now. My only minor complaint is there is no EQ for the mic channel. Other than that, it has worked great for me. I had one issue, but it turned out to be a bad USB cable, which is easily replaced.
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    Auction off DJ services

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. So I went with an iPod. Sealed, brand new in the box. :) Too many "what if" scenarios popped up, and I'm not a fan of what ifs. Also keep in mind that as DJ's, when we meet with a client, it's as much about us picking them as them choosing us. An auction...
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    Auction off DJ services

    Thanks Rev. Lou. I too feel it could create more headaches than it is worth, for all parties involved. Of course, empty iPod. I'm not one of "those guys". :D Maybe include a $15-$20 iTunes gift card so they can get music.
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    Auction off DJ services

    I was asked by a local charity to donate DJ services for a fundraiser auction. I haven't replied yet, and was looking for some feedback. While I have no issues with the charity, or donating my time/services, this one has me hesitant. So, I give them "Four hours of DJ service" and people bid...