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    Thanks CORONA....2 events cancelled in the last week

    Checking back in, fall is on CPR with four events. Actually had a few events over the last couple of weeks. Thinking back to my college Economics 101 class, pent-up demand is there. I'm willing to bet about this time next year, COVID-free parties will be a thing.
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    Covid19 and You!

    I feel your pain! New York is a mess and billions in the hole, with residents moving away every day.
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    Covid19 and You!

    Let’s start an off-social media sound off about how this is affecting you...
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    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Let’s see how bad the Covid19 issue savages us. I think we have a great resource here, it needs to be exploited!
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    Thanks CORONA....2 events cancelled in the last week

    I’m dead in the water. July events are now dropping, and cities are postponing fireworks until the fall.
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    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Just know we have new ownership coming and there is so much info on these boards, stuff one cannot get just from surfing Facebook, and other resources, this is still the go-to for DJ resources and talk without the hassle of killing time on social media!
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    The compacts have a signal pass-through, putting active subs as a possibility. The thing to be aware of it passes a full range and not a filtered low end, so the sub you select will need to deal with that.
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    Think I am done with sweet 16 and school dances..Modern Technology????

    I have seen this with some high school dances I have been doing. Four hour block, we get maybe three hours of dancing, and all are gone 15 minutes before the end of the show. I think it's more of a social scene than a dance. Dancing still happens, but it's more about being there than being an...
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    Hey howdy!!

    Just wanted to let everyone know we are here!!
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    I Love the Tools, but the Continuing Education...

    It dawned on me recently... I have been at this for a moment. When I started, I had two turntables and a cassette deck. Made the transition to CDs, then to digital. Along the way, lighting has changed, video has dramatically changed, and what we offer as entertainers is light years ahead of...
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    You want what????

    Wow! I never get asked for a sample playlist, but can pull past playlists from VDJ. On the website, the client can choose music, or leave the programming to me. That is a question I just do not see asked often, only because each event is unique and what a client loves at one event may be hated...
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    Holiday Parties are back, for all or some?

    I have a big uptick in holiday events this year. The funny thing is that they are luncheons, photobooth-only events, or combo events that are not just DJ only. January looks to be a busy month as well. Some are holiday-in-January events, others are business promotions. The only thing I see...
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    Sooooo, I am free this weekend. Wife is out of town, no events are booked, and this first dip into fall weather will kill the weeds in the backyard. Whatever should I do with my downtime???