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    American DJ Gobo Projector LED

    Biff, Did you happen to take some side-by-side pics with it and the PR-1?
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    Getting old..want to lighten load.

    If you are looking to lighten the load, Bose is always an excellent option.
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    Easiest way to spotlight a wedding cake?

    I have the ADJ LED pinspots and they work well. They have two lenses included. Depending on how or if you use the lenses, it can give you 5 different sized circles of light. I mount mine on a standard lighting stand, but would like to know more about the pipe and base option....sounds like a...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for June 2, 2010

    Bose L1 Model 1 with Double Bass This system was purchased new from Guitar Center in Mobile in January of 2009. Still has remainder of the extended warranty. Very good condition with only minor scrathes on the bottom. All factory cables,manuals, bags and shipping boxes included. $1,600.00...
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    Phonic wireless WM-sys3 replacement?

    Do you have to have the XLR "input" for the body back, or will the TRS cable that comes with it work? Provided that you have a TRS output on your mixer, of course :)
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    Gotta love this video

    I don't know about you guys, but that makes me want to DJ their parties for half-price..... AWESOME!!!
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    A Few NEW Setups with Pics!

    LOOKS AWESOME!!! I bet the kids love it! Great job.
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    BOSE L1 Road Review

    I made the jump from the JBL EON G2s (which I think are still great PA speakers) to a L1MI w/ 2 B1s this past January. When I first went to the Bose set-up, my plan was to just use it occasionally for smaller gigs....WRONG! I want to you this every time. 90% of my business is wedding receptions...
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    USED GEAR - For Buy, Sell or Trade for Sep. 20, 2009

    WANTED: BOSE Deluxe carry bags for L1 I'm looking for the BOSE Deluxe carry bags for L1 Model1. Not the ones that are included, the ones with the rolling power stand bag. In good condition please.
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    Bose L1-Compact at charity softball game ROCKS!

    Great post! I love their big brother, the L1. I kinda wish the Compacts were out earlier this year, I may have gotten a pair instead on my L1 w/2B1s.....nah maybe not. Normally more is more, but with BOSE less is always more!
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    As My BOSE Rolls

    DJSTEVEZ, I feel your pain! I made the lighted facade/rack stand combo of my dreams, complete with a custom rack for my laptop and mixers. EVERY cut was measured three times to insure proper fit. I just never bothered to measure my SCION!!! Missed it by 2"!! Back to the table saw for me...
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    As My BOSE Rolls

    Not wanting to hi-jack the thread, but are the Gig Bags for the L1 M1 still availible? I can only find the Gig Bag for the B1s.
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    As My BOSE Rolls

    I thought this was about the new show CBS was replacing "Guiding Light" with! Those cases look great! Since I cary my L1 in the back of my car, the Bose bags work fine for me.I just wish I would have grabbed a set of their Deluxe Bags before they stopped selling them.
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    USED GEAR - For Buy, Sell or Trade for Sep. 20, 2009

    For Sale: Mackie 1202-VLZ3 $200.00 + Shipping 12 Channel mixer with rackmount ears. It's a little over a year old. Works great, just too many channel and too big for my needs. Still has warranty through GC until 02/02/2011. Details here: