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    Critique my B&G wedding script

    Chuck, what's the purpose? When will this be said? Is this the introduction? What will have happened just before this, what happens next? Where are the bride and groom during this? I ask all that, not so much to get you to answer but to have you consider why you're doing it, and then see...
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    I really AM a lame DJ!

    Be careful taking drug advice from a DJ. Acetaminophen can kill you. Regularly taking large doses can be fatal. But it is a good idea to take some pain relievers after an event. Also I found that working out during the week, makes the weekend a LOT easier.
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    Your feedback on gas prices...How far will you travel and not charge for gas?

    You go to where they DO want to pay for a DJ.:) How many miles do you need to travel and how much does it work out to per mile? Ex: if you get 10 mpg, and you have to travel 100 miles you'll have to pay for 10 gallons of gas. @$4 per, that's $40. Can you just raise your base rate by that...
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    HELP! kidnapping of the bride

    Actually my clients are paying me to make sure they have an incredible night for them and their guests. If the person in charge of the entertainment does not discuss how something can negatively impact the entertainment value they are doing their client a disservice. But I also agree with...
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    Health Insurance?

    Check to see if Blue Cross Blue Shield has the Tonik plan available in your area. Make sure any plan you get is a real insurance plan. You may have seen signs on telephone poles about health coverage for a cheap price for self employed people. Some of these type plans are NOT insurance. Check...
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    Bought a little present for myself

    Did anyone catch the Sons of Guns episode where they made a water cooled dual M-16? I especially liked the 100 round mags they used to see how hot the barrel would get after 300 full-auto shots.
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    Audience Participation Song Suggestions

    I actually had the crowd do it this way once: Neil: "Sweet Caroline" Audience: "THIS SONG SUCKS!" Neil: "Good times never felt so good" Audience: "It sucks! It really really sucks!"
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    Are you saying I'm funny, or that I'm fancy?
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    Elevator Pitch

    BINGO we have a winner. That's exactly what an elevator pitch should do!
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    Just for kicks - sponsor my wedding!

    And sadly, they will probably have MULTIPLE offers of DJs agreeing to do it.
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    Ben Stowe LIVE in Atlanta Shoot me an email if you want more info
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    Waasta left his comfort zone, but he found his security blanket again so all is well

    that was for way back in the 90's! Catch up! :)
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    $4.26 for a song, sort of.

    If a bride called you and chewed you out about price gouging would you give away your product for free? Just curious why you felt the need to chew them out? Shouldn't they be allowed to charge as much as they want for THEIR product?
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    Who do you admire? Who inspires you?

    Mark Ferrell - One of the most genuine and sincere individuals I've ever met. A man of character and purpose. Randy Bartlett - Another genuine guy. Someone I enjoy "special" time with in Vegas (and I'll not go into more details). He's one of the smartest guys in the room. Jim Cerone - Mr...