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    O/T - Musician Jokes / One-Liners

    Who's the roadie for the band... The drummer.
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    system in PA

    I live 10 mins I am 10 Mins from the area. I live on the edge of Pottstown. I have Video,Audio, lighting, and Karaoke if you need. Let me know what you need and when. 484-388-6698
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    Weird issue with VDJ7 - unable to play MP3???

    There is a plugin I think on VDJ to allow Itunes to be able to be played in VDJ. I believe it's in the tools section on Virtuals website. this might be what you need.
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    Tripod Lighting Mount

    Nick, Do you have pictures?
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    video question

    I always have one on when I power up the plug in the second screen.
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    Help! Bluegrass?

    Try old crow and the medican show.
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    Virtual DJ Users!!!

    I would be glad to help you give me a call anytime. 484-388-6698
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    Prom Playlist

    Guys, I am hopeing you might be able to help. I have a last min. Prom tonight and was wondering if anone has a playlist from any proms you might have done. You can email me at Thanks Dave
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    VDJ and Video ???

    Hutt, this is a bug that hasn't been fixed. what I do is copy the text after I put it in. it only happens randomly so you never know, copy and paste works good.
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    Speaking of Pricing

    Steve you make a good point. We charge what we feel our services are worth. I know DJ's who have equipment that’s over 10+ years old (and it looks like it). They do a great job and are booked all the time it sounds good. They are full time DJ’s and have nice things that they were able to afford...
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    My latest project

    mike I liked that mod. Maybe ADJ will take your idea and make a new light.
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    Why Lighting DJs Need Kettle Bells

    Oh no Bill found out...... Look out now. LOL
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    Why Lighting DJs Need Kettle Bells

    Don't tell Bill....... He just made a SH** load of bases for a customer.
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    Window 64Bit or 32Bit

    I have two rackmount computers w/VDJ. One has 32 the other has 64. I can say I do not notice any difference in performance. I have the max on memory and a good video card.
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    Landed Another Multi-date Account

    Thats great and good luck on those dates. If you ever need a hand i'm always only a plane ticket away.