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    What does this mean?? - Employee Question -

    I think Bill's suggestion is the answer. I would go one step further. Perhaps run a credit check on this guy. It sounds like he may be having some money issues. How bad is the situation? Is there a possibility that if his financial situation gets worse, that items could mysteriously...
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    Songs you would like to play..but...

    Hey, I like this song. Ken, you be careful what you are calling crap boy or I am going to have to come over and whoop your tush. For me it would be the 17 minute version of Inna-Godda-Da-Vida. Wait, did that chart? Oh well, I would love to play it.
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    Interesting TV Report

    I agree, should have received a full refund.
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    Wizard of Oz theme - need suggestions

    Would the city allow painting the street with a temporary yellow brick road? Great for a conga. Or kids to follow from one event to another?
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    We want the monogram

    Thank goodness her name wasn't Yvonne and his wasn't Adam with a hypenated last name of Miller-Carson.
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    I wasn't prepared...

    for last night's gig. #1 New venue - had to do my site inspection on a day they weren't open (closed in winter). Made two phone calls to venue before event. Due to the location in a canyon with what appeared to be few neighbors I forgot to ask a key question: Any restrictions on volume...
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    "Wiggy Wiggy" DJs.. Check This OUT! I DIG DIG it!

    Very cool. As someone posted on Youtube, a great mix of the past with the future.
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    I Fought For You...

    There is no dust in my eyes. As a woman I have the luxury of flat out admitting I got tears all over my desk. To Ken, my brother, my uncles, my cousins, and all who served. THANK YOU.
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    Chuck's Not The Only One...

    Not that surprised. "Her" butt and thighs weren't the right shape and upper body too broad. But the real clincher was that a sunbathing woman has her arms by her side so that she tans evenly all over.
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    Did Lady Gaga finally blow it?

    Lou, guess I'm tired of talking. I do vote. I do make choices about the music that I play when children are present. I make choices about where my clothes were made. I volunteer. Sometimes I just feel alone in the fight. So anyway, Lady Gaga, I'm done talking about you.
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    Anyone see this Sienna Family video?

    Part of a Toyota series of commercials.
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    Bride wants out of contract (warning: long post)

    Nathan, I am reminded of a story. A couple has a squeak in there floor. They hire a carpenter to fix it. He does some walking around, pounds a couple of nails in the floor and charges them $45.00 for 5 minutes of work. That's outrageous the couple says. You only hammered two nails. "Yes"...
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    Did Lady Gaga finally blow it?

    Sad that this isn't even a blip on the radar. I think Nero is warming up his fiddle. There is a time and a place for everything. A bikini on a beach is appropriate. At a ballgame, no. As far as the seats, some families can afford the 2 grand so that doesn't excuse anything. Only time...
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    AAADD...It Can Happen To You...

    It's also related, I think, to Oldtimers Disease which is very common in my family. The older you get, the more you can't remember sh**.
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    Did Lady Gaga finally blow it?

    If she actually arrived at the stadium dressed like that she should never have been allowed inside, no matter who she is. Baseball if a FAMILY pastime. Is nothing sacred anymore? Is the day coming when we will have to cloister our children for several years to keep them from being exposed to...