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Wireless MIc Issues

Discussion in 'Tools Of The Trade' started by stairdiver, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. stairdiver

    stairdiver New Member

    I have a Shure wireless and an EV wireless. Both of them seem to have the same issue. When on they make a noise like a whisping sound or a static type noise. Is there somethin I am doing wrong? These are not the most expensive models but they were $250 range. I have owned cheaper mics that did not do this. I just wonder if it's asetting issue or if they are on a channel that is bad.

    Thanks in advance for the info
  2. -bp-

    -bp- For Position Only

    Is there a 1/4 inch jack in use anywhere in the signal path? I would guess it's the signal path, rather than a problem with the mics themselves.

    Can you tell how they're hooked up, and to what?
  3. NickyB

    NickyB Gear and Equipment Moderator

    UHF or VHF? .... what models? Only in a particular facility or everywhere? Using 1/4" phono or XLR outputs?
  4. Tom Killian

    Tom Killian music.tom

    Check the proximity of AC cords around the wireless receiver. An Elvis impersonator I shared a gig with kept getting randon bursts of noise from his wireless mic and in trying to correct the problem, we found that the AC cables in his rack were laying on the receiver and near the antenna. Once those were moved away from the receiver, the random noise disappeared. It seemed to be a "parasitic" thing.
  5. djfatman

    djfatman Marketing Moderator

    Make sure you are not using cheap cords. Cheap cords can pick up stray signals.
  6. stairdiver

    stairdiver New Member

    I am using 1/4 inch cable. The only input on my board (qd5) is a single 1/4 inch. I'm not sure what series the mics are.
  7. -bp-

    -bp- For Position Only

    betcha that's it.

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