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Thank you letter samples

Discussion in 'Business, Marketing, Websites' started by affordableprodjs, May 8, 2012.

  1. affordableprodjs

    affordableprodjs New Member


    Anyone have any "Thank You" letter samples or templates. I am stuck on what to say to my clients thanking them for their business. Any direction would be helpfull


  2. mcmusicdj

    mcmusicdj McMusic

    Why feel the need for a template? Make it sincere and personalized.
  3. djmbr01

    djmbr01 Account Closed

    Dear Marcus,

    Seeing as this is only your second post, I just want to make sure there are not any other valuable ***ets we can give you?

    Do you need a formal business plans, marketing materials, contracts, forms for any and every aspect of your business, website templates, software, music files...
  4. waasta

    waasta Account Closed

    ...but he's been a member here longer than you. This trolling has to stop, man.
  5. djmbr01

    djmbr01 Account Closed

    Your definition of trolling is rather broad and meaningless.

    I simply have a different perspective than you on this, and apparently many other topics, but feel free to send him your important and hard earned business forms.
  6. Maverick

    Maverick Pumping It Up

    if you can't help a post why reply? If your just going to harass someone...ok done flaming ...just click BACK and go to another thread if you can't help...

    For the OP: http://www.thank-you-note-examples-and-tips.com/
  7. djtunes

    djtunes Checking Reality

  8. djtunes

    djtunes Checking Reality

  9. djmbr01

    djmbr01 Account Closed

  10. djtunes

    djtunes Checking Reality

  11. djmbr01

    djmbr01 Account Closed

    No, just referenced.
  12. Maverick

    Maverick Pumping It Up

    If your troll is so trolly that people can't tell it's a troll you failed at trolling
  13. hippydog

    hippydog wuz here when it was Red.

    Instead of attacking others, why dont you directly email Ryan and explain how you hate the concept of his website.. Maybe even mention that things like the DJ university personally offends your sensibilities..

    We sometimes share info on this site.. it happens.. sometimes its done via email, sometimes out in the open..

    your not going to stop it, but your welcome to take your hatred and vile attitude due to your failed business elsewhere..
  14. djtunes

    djtunes Checking Reality

    No, it was an obvious threat.
    You did not like my postings about toxic people, so you send me a link that clearly means stay away from you or I'll get stung.

    You might do something to deface me as a professional on the internet. Or cause me headaches in my social networking circle.
    I'll take heed to your threat and end my responses to the bickering.
    I am afraid of people who do things anonymously and can't be found or stopped.
    Face to face is a different story.

    All the best.

    Sorry to offend you.
  15. djmbr01

    djmbr01 Account Closed

    You couldn't be more incorrect or delusional. Not only was there no intent to threaten (Are you serious?) but I have so little, not any for that matter, concern about you or your judgement.

    Jellyfish certainly have a rep for stinging but they are also spineless and easy to see through. Just thinking out loud, offering some alternate possibilities.
  16. djtunes

    djtunes Checking Reality

    Whatever. SMH

    You posted an article titled: How To Avoid Jellyfish Stings

    Instead of tip toeing just say what it meant.
    Last edited: May 9, 2012
  17. Utah DJ

    Utah DJ New Member

    Sendoutcards (dot) com is a good site for this and comes in handy for Christmas cards. A lot of referrals come from these.
  18. Gregoree

    Gregoree New Member

    I still believe a personal handwritten thank you card is much more effective and sincere. Sure it takes a little time but it is worth it!
  19. J.T. Michaels

    J.T. Michaels New Member

    Actually Sendoutcards (dot) com is personalized and handwritten (sort of). You pick the card form the website, type your personalized message, choose the handwritten font, and they mail it for you. It's not cheesy either. It's popular with companies and individuals. I just don't care for their "marketing scheme" type salespeople and it can get a bit pricy so I'm no longer with them.

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