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"Found you on Google"

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by jturk1000, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. jturk1000

    jturk1000 And WHERE is Alma MI ?!

    I love WOM adverting; it's great to hear comments like, "I heard from so and so..." and "I heard good things about you...".

    But hearing, "I found you on Google" always helps satisfy my inner DIY webcreator/SEO.
  2. Old_Goat

    Old_Goat Senior LDJC Member

    JUST curious, here...Out of the "found you on google" types what's the spread that turn out to be real leads vs tire kickers / "my budget is.." types?
  3. djtunes

    djtunes Checking Reality

    Ditto what Lou said and are you asking what search terms they used, what avenue took them to you (i.e. was it direct to your site or through wedding wire etc.)?

    I have found my site on the second page a lot where it used to be on the first but people still call saying they found me on Google. :/
  4. djtunes

    djtunes Checking Reality

    Another thing I've noticed is results vary depending on where they are located when they do the search.
  5. kittmaster

    kittmaster New Member

    We've been doing well with Google also, hopefully more as time passes. Google........the new YP?
  6. bb

    bb New Member

    It's getting tougher to be on the 1st page nowadays without paying for an ad. Too many national booking agent type companies and Djs from other cities trying to get their foot in the door. But still WOM rules!
  7. Old_Goat

    Old_Goat Senior LDJC Member

    Of all the different ads I ever took out, the single best "ad-vantage" I EVER had was WOM.

    I out-worked and out earned every other DJ in my areas for all of the 80's,90's and '00's. I probably did in the 70's as well...there were so doggone few of us then...I don't know if we could tell!

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