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    Nov 2002
    Retired. DJ for 20 years on Boston - South Shore

    Best excuses you've heard for cancelled appointments

    I had one last week. She calls at 3:30 for a 7:00 meeting with:

    "John, I have to cancel our meeting for tonight. I felt dizzy at work today and I'd hate to give it to your kids if this is contagious. I'll call you to reschedule."

    9 full days later, I'm still waiting.

    What are the best excuses you've heard?
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    Nov 2002
    Knoxville, TN
    "We haven't decided whether or not we can pay more than $400 for a DJ, so we don't want to waste our time with you." (This was last year and I had already told them my rates started at $695)

    "All I really need is a price. There's nothing you can show or tell me in a meeting that I haven't already heard."


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    Oct 2002
    Twin Cities, MN
    "Were not going to be able to meet with you tonight nor will need your services afterall. We've decided to alope and will be leaving in 5 minutes to Vegas."
    Barry Cedergren
    All Event DJ's
    DJ Webmin

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    Oct 1998
    Durham, NC
    " My ex husband would not pick up the kids, so I cant make the 6 pm appointment, but we decided not to have the wedding on that date, but want your services for something else"

    Delivered 15 minutes to my answering machine at home, while I was AT the meeting place. I had called the evening before to confirm.

    Soooo, when was she gonna tell me that she didnt need me...AT the meeting? And exactly when did she decide that 20 minutes before calling?

    Unfortunately, a Knottie. First bad experience, but hey still going good.

    Oh well.

    Begin with the end in sight

    According to Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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    Hi John,

    I guess the most unusual reason (or excuse) I've heard for cancelling would be the prospect who claimed to have broken her leg. She did have the courtesy to send a cancellation note at least.

    I spotted her at a local shopping mall the week after she cancelled. Man, today's medical advances are truly amazing. A broken leg can be completely healed in a matter of days!

    She lost the retainer fee, too. Had she bothered to RTFC (Read The Contract), she might have called sooner and gotten her retainer applied to a rain-date.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Nov 2002
    Coastal Bend of Tejas
    Honest to God cancellation calls:

    1) My dog died
    2) My boyfriend is going for physical therapy tonite
    3) We've decided to ask a friend to bring his stereo (good luck!)
    4) We're eloping
    5) Nobody will do it at our budgeted price (would you believe...$150.00?)
    Mike McDermott - AirOne Entertainment
    Rockport, Texas
    "Your Host With the Most on the Texas Coast"

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    Nov 2002
    The rainforest island paradise of Douglas, Alaska
    Okay, I'm the guilty party here...

    Since the power is out, the location we were going to meet will be closed as will most of the other places downtown where we could discuss these details. Would you like to reschedule?
    Eric Caldwell
    DJ/VJ In Hiaitus
    "I think the only one here who really has a viable 'market' complaint is Eric" (Valerie Ruste)
    I Live Here

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    Nov 2002
    Manchester, NH
    Hello everyone,

    Here's a couple I have gotten over the years:

    "I have a dentist's appointment that I forgot about was scheduled for tonight as well, so I have to cancel."


    "My fiancee just got called into work about 30 minutes ago, so we have to cancel today's appointment. We will call to reschedule.Thanks."

    Both of these fine excuses were called into my voice mail the day of the scheduled appointments, barely 3 hours before I was to meet them.

    Thanks for letting me share!! Peace!!
    Matthew Melcher
    The Digital DJ
    Rocking The Granite State and more since 1997!!

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    Feb 2003
    i got one a few years back. i was on my way out the door to do a wedding reception and the mother of the bride called and said the night before at the bachelor's party the best man got the groom drunk and took him three states away and wouldn't be back in time for the wedding. i told her i could reschedule if i had an opening but as relatives from out of town would be gone by the time he got back, they decided to have a small one later that month. was ok with me my contract states that they had to pay me the full amont anyway which she did.

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    Nov 2002
    Wesley Chapel, Florida, United States
    Just had one last week from a 4 star hotel that recomended me.

    Sorry.... But I have to cancel the apt. because the Grooms Mother already had hired a DJ. Grooms Mom lives in Calif.
    Chuck Amstone

    Wesley Chapel, FL


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