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    Dec 2007
    Eagle Beach

    My GC Pro Rep is Freakin' Awesome!

    The quote below attests to the benefits of going from being an off the street GC consumer, to a prosumer with a GC Pro Account Rep, none the least of which are better prices and superior service those gotten by GC Consumers. Unlike Mr. Lynch I don't spend anywhere near $80K a year with GC, but today, my GC Pro Rep returned my phone call while attending an appointment with his doctor! If that ain't high end customer service, I don't know what is. Shout out to Tony D, GC Pro Rep EXTRAORDINAIRE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Lynch View Post
    As professionals, we often need something today, and not in 3 days. There are times when GC has saved my butt! I do not buy there exclusively, as I have a couple distribution contacts, but I do hit them up pretty frequently.

    If you are a real company, and have a tax I.D., and business license, all you have to do is Utter 5 words.. "Who's your G.C. Pro Rep?" This is a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of commission GC reps across the globe. There is one guy in each G.C. whose only mission in life is to sell you stuff cheaper than the other reps can sell for.. Kind of unfair, huh?? He's the rockstar in the store... the guy who parks his trans am with Ludwig and Tama drum stickers on the bumper right on the grass outside the front door... He's the man!

    They pull from the same stock, yet somehow are able to sell gear for up to 15% "below cost"... hmmm.. that should tell you something. I urge you not to embarrass yourself though. If you contact them, you better have your ducks in a row. Many people call themselves a "company", but are little more than "under the table" weekend warriors. If you don't show up in the secretary of state database, no discount for you!

    If you have access to confidential price lists, you'll see they have different "column" pricing. a company like GC gets their stuff below the lowest price you see on the price lists. They are making killer margin of 35% to 50% in many cases depending on what the item is.

    Here's the deal.. when you cross over from a walk-in consumer to a pro customer, you knock 25% off right off the bat.

    I am great friends with a regional GC Pro manager. The "cost" they give the in store salesman reflects an almost 15% markup over what GC buys them for.

    Gear vendors need to make a living. If they sold everything at cost, they would go out of business. But it's also not your responsibility to single handedly pay for their kid's braces.... That's what all the other potato heads are for.. Let them spend $40 on an ultimate stand, or $1200 on a mixer. If you require hand holding, and 40 minute phone calls, and a feeling of friendship from your salesman, GC is not your store. Contractor outlets and distribution outlets are all business.. you save huge, but they're just shoveling gear out the door by the crate.

    The key to all of this however is to be legit. If you're a part time weekender, don't plan on the rep even calling you back. Spend $80 grand with them in one year, and they'll answer their cell phone at 7:00 on a sunday, and meet you at the store to sell you something when you need it.

    I Know pricing, and actual value of gear better than most people I know. GC is one of the companies that truly gives a professional "contractor" discount. I've rarely found better prices from anyone.

    Here's the account rep list:
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    Oct 2002
    Kilmarnock, VA
    I don't care if you spend only $ 50.00 with me a year. I'll give you the best advice, best price and answer the phone most Sundays.
    Bill Cronheim - ESC, Inc.
    Backstage since 1973

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    Oct 2002
    Millersville, MD
    And with Bill you also get the "joke du jour!"
    Nick Burke (aka DJ NickyB)
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    Feb 2003
    I want the best price when I BUY anything no matter how much I spend! Thats why I use vendors on here and on another forum.. I dont like the prices ar my local Guitar center or another local music store near me. Way too high!! Plus the guitar center near me doesnt have anyone in the DJ dept that knows anything worth a dam...

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    Dec 2007
    Eagle Beach
    Quote Originally Posted by BillESC View Post
    I don't care if you spend only $ 50.00 with me a year. I'll give you the best advice, best price and answer the phone most Sundays.
    Bill, Bill, Bill, that's like telling us water is wet...we all know it to be true.
    I recommend no one more that you. Certainly no one has ever treated me better.
    I just thought this was a good story. No disrespect intended. A thousand Mia culpas. -Z-

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    Sep 1998
    About 10 miles South of Disneyland
    Bill has ALWAYS been available to give advice, whether on-line or over the phone, to anyone, anytime, anywhere...

    We have the best vendors around hangin' on these boards!
    Keep on Rockin',


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    Dec 2002
    Poconos, PA
    The ONLY thing I won't call Bill for is when I need to purchase Blizzard Lights (since I get a great deal already). The funny thing is my first order of Blizzard Lights was 20 of the original RGB Pucks, and 20 10ft. MiTee DMX cables about 2 years ago, which I bought from Bill.
    DJ Stevie Ray
    Stevie Ray Entertainment is the Premier Entertainment company in North East Pennsylvania.

    Blizzard Lighting LLC. Forum Administrator
    Modesty & sincerity maybe the best to measure of a DJ, rather than what price they are charging.


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